Due to the COVID-19 Safer at Home mandate, the majority of UWSP computer labs are currently closed. Please see the Computer Labs General Information page for details about computer lab closings and instructions for accessing lab computers from the internet.

​Computer Labs Availability

Looking for the closest computer lab with an available computer?  Or maybe a lab with two or more open computers so you and your group can work together on that project that's almost due?

Click on a computer lab below to see computer availability, demand forecast and more!

IMPORTANT: The computer lab availability below shows lab open/close times only.  Lab reservations for classes or other events are not shown.

Need access to UWSP computer lab software but you're working from home or residence hall?  Log into UWSP's Remote Lab!

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 ALB 110

 CAC 301

 CCC 307

 CPS 105

 CPS 107



 DUC 201

 NFAC 172

 NFAC 190

 NFAC 215

 SCIB 228

 SCIB 238

 TNR 356

 ‭(Hidden)‬ MSF 130



 MSF 404F

 MSF 465

 WAU 300

 WAU 145

 WAU 146



​​ ​

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