Duo Security

Duo Security is UWSP's multi-factor authentication solution implemented for employees to help protect our applications and systems containing sensitive data.

In addition to our current username/password logon authentication method, an application or system logon page which is protected by Duo Security requires a second form of authentication such as a one-time use passcode or a push notification. You receive this second form of authentication via a registered phone or tablet or a security/hardware token (i.e. "key fob") *,

* Hardware tokens must be purchased through your department. for more information, see Duo FAQs, "I prefer not using my personal phone or other device for this. Can I get a hardware token?"

Here's a very brief video from Duo Security showing how easy it is to authenticate.

Duo Security only adds an additional authentication layer to our existing security. Duo never sees your UWSP password.

IMPORTANT: accesSPoint and other business applications which house highly sensitive data require a UWSP logon AND Duo Security authentication for all faculty, staff and student-staff.
Students will not be prompted for Duo authentication.

Install the Duo Mobile app on your phone or tablet!

Check out this quick video "how to" from Academic Video Support!

  1. Install the Duo app for:

    From your computer, enroll your smart device with Duo.

    It is recommended that you use a smart phone to receive your Duo passcodes or push notifications.
  3. Go to duo.uwsp.edu. and sign in with your UWSP account.

  4. Click Start SetupDon't see Start Setup? You probably already enrolled!

  5. Select Mobile phone.

  6. Click Continue (if you select Tablet, go to step 9).

  7. Type in your mobile number (omit special characters such as parenthesis and dashes).

  8. Check the box verifying that you entered the correct number.

  9. Click Continue.

  10. Select the type of device you are enrolling.

  11. Click Continue.

  12. Click I have Duo Mobile. This is the reason we installed the Duo Mobile app earlier. If you have not yet installed the app, do so now, then return to this screen and tap I have Duo Mobile.See the above links for your specific device.

  13. A barcode will display.

  14. Open the Duo Mobile app you installed on your device.  Hold your phone or tablet so that the camera lens is facing the email and barcode then tap Add Account on the Duo Mobile app screen.

  15. Your Duo Mobile app will scan the barcode and update to display a 6-digit Duo Security multi-factor authentication code.

  16. On your computer, a green check will display indicating your device is successfully enrolled with Duo Security.  Click Continue.


  18. Under My Settings & Devices, click Continue to Login to accept the default authentication preference for your day to day authentication with Duo.  Accept the default of "Ask me to choose..." to always see your authentication options.

  19. The options for your Duo authentication will display.  To test, select Send Me a Push or Enter a Passcode then go to your Duo mobile app. 

    Check out this brief video from Duo Security showing how easy it is to authenticate, including the fastest way to authenticate - with a Duo Push notification.

  20. The Duo Mobile app on your smart device will update.  If you selected Send me a Push, tap Request Waiting. Tap to Respond, then tap Approve to approve you’re authentication and complete your enrollment with Duo Mobile.

  21. You're enrolled! If you would like to enroll an additional device you can do so now, or return later to duo.uwsp.edu and select Settings.

Your Duo Security Enrollment is complete!

Have questions or need help with your Duo Security enrollment? Contact the IT Service Desk, Information Security Office, or your College Support Team member (CST).

Visit the Multi-Factor Authentication FAQs page!