Recruitment / Hiring Process




Form 2 - ADA Self Evaluation Form



Titling Guides

Use the below guides to find the UWS title and code for all hiring forms. Contact your HR Generalist if you cannot find your position's title/code or if you would like to verify you are documenting the correct information on your forms.

Note: Click on the Excel sheet located near the bottom of the page, under the University Staff TItle Listing.

Faculty, Academic Staff, and Limited Appointee (FASLi) Titles

Initial Screening Devices

Use an initial screening tool to access qualifications to assess application materials. If your pool has a handful of applicants, use the Word template. If your pool has a lot of applicants, use the Excel template

Initial Screening Tool

Initial Screening Tool - Excel Version


Appropriate and Inappropriate Interview Questions

Fair Hiring and Avoiding Loaded Interview Questions

Supporting Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity During a Search

Project Implicit

Searching for Excellence & Diversity - A Guide for Search Committees

Reviewing Applicants: Research on Bias and Assumptions

Understanding Implicit Bias, by the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity

Ladder of Inference: Making Better Judgements and Decisions

Note: If you have a final candidate, not from the area, contact your HRAA Recruiter to get an area welcome packet. We can also provide guidance on general informational packets for all final candidates.

Candidate Travel

UW Visitor's Travel Guide

UWSP Lodging Guidelines

UW System Travel Policies


Volunteers are allowed for UW-Stevens Point operations when contributing to the mission of the campus and following certain requirements. It is important that we take appropriate steps to protect the interests of the University and State as well as the interests of the volunteers.

Complete Volunteer Guidelines are available through Risk Management.