Family and Consumer Sciences - Graduate Certification (100% Online)


Program Description

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point offers an online graduate-level teaching licensure program in family and consumer sciences (FCS) that can also lead to a master's degree in Community and Organizational Leadership or Education.

The program consists of 22-25 credits which can be applied toward progress in one of UWSP's master's degree programs, such as Community and Organizational Leadership or Education. You may be able to earn your master's degree with as few as 9 additional credits beyond the FCS curriculum.
This online program can be completed in 18 months.

Who will benefit from the program?

The FCS graduate-level certification program will provide opportunities for licensed teachers to add a new license in the area of family and consumer sciences. In addition, people who hold a bachelor's degrees can gain coursework for FCS teacher licensure, in a condensed format.*

The program will provide the opportunity for:
  • Teachers already licensed in a discipline other than family and consumer sciences to gain certification in FCS education.
  • Licensed teachers to move forward in their PDP while attaining an additional certification.
  • Participants to dovetail required credits with our existing master's programs in Community and Organizational Leadership and Education.
  • Individuals who hold a non-teaching bachelor's degree to gain coursework for FCS teacher licensure, in a condensed format, while completing additional requirements for an initial teaching license. For additional requirements needed by a non-teaching bachelor's degree holder interested in this program click here

*Some students may need to take requisite undergraduate courses to qualify for the FCS graduate licensure program.

Program Completion

Licensure in family and consumer sciences is available to individuals who have met the following criteria
  • Possess an undergraduate degree and teaching certification in a discipline other than FCS education or has completed requisite undergraduate courses* necessary to qualify for licensure.
  • Complete all required courses as listed in the course curriculum.
  • Meet minimum overall GPA of 3.0.

In the News:

Answering the need of many schools like School District of Baraboo who struggle to find qualified family and consumer sciences teachers, UW-Stevens Point is one of the few programs in the state that offers a graduate-level FCS teaching licensure program.
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"​The family and consumer sciences graduate program at UW-Stevens Point has sincerely been a life-changing experience. 
After my first term, there was no question that I made the right decision–I was hooked! The courses offered online not only accommodated my busy schedule, but were engaging, educational and easy to follow.  
The instructors were well organized, very knowledgeable in their fields, and went over and beyond to answer questions or concerns I had. The instructors also encourage classroom discussions that launched a support group that enabled my classmates and I to exchange our teaching experiences and best practices with each other. In doing so, I made new lifelong friends that I will continue to use for support in the future."
–Andrew Jensen
School District of Janesville