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ENGL 101 - Freshman English (3 cr) - Critical reading, logical thinking, and effective writing. Write frequently in and out of class, using specific rhetorical strategies for a variety of purposes and audiences. Prereq: Satisfactory placement test score. GDR:ENGL
ENGL 150 - Advanced Freshman English (3 cr) - Research and writing using appropriate rhetorical strategies for students with potential for accelerated reading, writing, and research. Prereq: Satisfactory test scores. GDR: ENGL

HD 166 - The Family: Continuing Concerns (3 cr) - Examine research and theory that relate to complex concerns families face over time. GDR: SS2

SOC 101 - Introduction to Sociology (3 cr) - Sociology as special field of social science, social relations, and social systems; the organization of societies and other human groupings; fundamentals of sociological investigation, dealing with the underlying premises, concepts, logic, and methods of sociology. GDR: SS1

Natural Science (Choice with lab) (5 cr)

History (Choice - Nonwestern) (3 cr)

FN 151 - Contemporary Nutrition (2 cr) - Apply nutrition principles to contemporary problems in food choices and health. GDR: WL/HE

FCS 290 - Exploration of Family and Consumer Sciences (3 cr) - Designed for Family and Consumer Science majors. Explore Family and Consumer Science professions in public schools and community agencies. Complete observations with FCS professionals working in the field as well as prepare and teach a mini lesson. Also includes an introduction to professional development, research skills and ethics in FCS.


Natural Science (Choice) (3 cr)


ENGL 102 - Freshman English (3 cr) - Analytical reading and writing and the methods of inquiry common to various academic disciplines. Write frequently in and out of class, using suitable sources of information and appropriate documentation methods. Prereq: 101 or equiv. GDR:ENGL


MATH 100 - College Algebra (3 cr) - Graphing linear equations and inequalities, exponents, radicals, quadratic equations, systems of equations, study of functions including exponentials and logarithmic functions. Prereq: 90 or suitable placement test score. GDR: MATH

PSYC 110 - Introduction to Psychology (3 cr) - Introduction to scientific study of behavior and mental processes, and methods used in psychological research.

FN 106 - Introductory Foods. 3 cr. Introduction to basic physical and chemical properties of foods; interaction and reaction of food in food preparation procedures; evaluate prepared products. 2 hrs lec, 3 hrs lab per wk.

COMM 101 - Fundamentals of Oral Communication (2 or 3 cr) - Introduction to and application of those principles which lead to an understanding of and facility with practical discourse. GDR: COMM


HD 265 - Human Growth and Development: A Life-Span Approach (3 cr) - Concepts, principles, and current research findings applied to the study of growth and development from conception through death in the context of family. Includes physical/health-related issues. Prereq: Psychology 110 or cons instr. GDR: SS2

MATH 109
- Mathematics for the Social and Management Sciences (4 cr) - Systems of linear equations, matrices, linear programming, exponential growth and decay, mathematics of finance, differential calculus with emphasis on applications. Prereq: 100 or suitable placement score. GDR: MATH BS BM/BFA
MATH 118 - Precalculus Algebra (4 cr) - Topics include concepts, graphs, and properties of functions, inverse and algebraic functions, techniques of graphing, conic sections, linear and nonlinear systems, arithmetic and geometric series, mathematical induction and the binomial theorem. Preparation for 120 if you did not place into 120. Prereq: 100 or suitable placement test score. GDR: MATH BS BM/BFA
MATH 355 - Elementary Statistical Methods (4 cr) - Fundamental concepts and techniques that underlie applications to various disciplines, including descriptive statistics; averages; dispersion; random sampling; binomial, normal, Student T, Chi-square, and F distributions; estimation and tests of hypothesis; linear regression and correlation; laboratory emphasis on sampling and applications. Does not count toward math major/minor, or major for teacher certification. Prereq: 100 or suitable placement test score. GDR: MATH BS BM/BFA

HIST 176 - United States to 1877 (3 cr) - GDR: HI

Humanities (Choice)
(3 cr)

FN 253 - Introduction to Nutrition and Nutrient Metabolism (3 cr) - Basics for and use of nutrient recommendations and dietary guidelines; digestion, metabolism, use and interrelationships of foods and nutrients. Prereq: So st.



HD 372/572 - Consumer Economics (3 cr) - Consumer, business, and government interactions in the economic environment; consumer choice and decision making relevant to resource allocation and purchases in the market. May not earn credit in both HD 372 and Economics 272.

PHIL 101 - Contemporary Moral Problems (3 cr) - An attempt to clarify selected contemporary moral issues by applying insights of moral philosophy and tools of critical reflection. GDR: HU3

HIST 177 - United States Since 1877 (3 cr) - GDR: HI

Natural Science (Choice with lab) (5 cr)

EDUC 205 - Pluralism for Educators (1-3 cr) - Analyze and evaluate education in U.S., policy of equal educational opportunity, and impact of class, gender, race, and language differences on teaching and learning. Involves lectures, discussions and presentations for pre-service teacher education students on topics mandated for initial certification programs in Wisconsin. (Wis Admin Rule Pl 34.15)


HD 386 - Family Resource Management and the Environment (3 cr) - Examine various perspectives on how individuals and families manage human and nonhuman resources. Study family and environment and reciprocal relationships between the two systems. GDR: EL

FCS 394/594 - Principles of Career and Technical Education (2 cr) - Philosophy, organization, and administration of career and technical education; emphasis on Wisconsin programs. Prereq: 290

FCS 396/596 - Cooperative Occupational Education Programs (1 cr) - Philosophy, organization, and teaching techniques for cooperative vocational programs. Prereq: 290; Admission to Prof Ed Prog.

EDUC 351/551 - Teaching Children and Youth with Exceptional Needs in the General/Regular Classroom  (3 cr) -  Characteristics and differences of students with EEN, gifted/talented abilities, or culturally diverse backgrounds; alternative teaching approaches emphasizing the least restrictive environment. Prereq: Psych 110.

Natural Science (Choice with lab) (5 cr)

EDUC 200 - Professional Portfolio Development (1 cr) - Introduction to state and national professional teaching standards and assessments. Examine professional development portfolio components and processes. Develop samples of evidence that relate to local and state requirements for certification and initial licensure.



HD 367/567 - Family Structure and Interaction (1-3 cr) - Family functions; variations in family organization and relationships; apply principles to family decision making during different stages of the life cycle. Prereq: Sociology 101 or Psychology 110, or cons instr. GDR: SS2


HD 397 - Field Work (1-12 cr) - A supervised training work program in a cooperating off-campus establishment; work experience and supervision followed by an evaluation of individual progress.

FCS 391 - Curriculum and Methods for Family and Consumer Science (3 cr) - Family and consumer science K-12 curriculum development including philosophy, teaching techniques, course materials. Prereq: 290

ECON 110 - Principles of Macroeconomics (3 cr) - Concepts of scarcity and cost; supply and demand; government in the economy; organization and functions of businesses and cooperatives; measurement and determination of national income; unemployment and inflation; money, banking, and financial markets; international trade and finance. Prereq: Math 100 or equiv. GDR: SS1

EDUC 386/586 - Reading in the Secondary School (3 cr) - Survey of issues, research, theory, process, and strategies that constitute reading in secondary school including a clinical experience.

(1 cr.)


HD 466/666 - Guidance of Children and Adolescents (3 cr) - Current research and theory related to the guidance of children from preschool age through adolescence. Apply to home and school environments.

EDUC 300 - Professional Portfolio Development II (1 cr) - Advanced examination of professional portfolio components and processes. Develop samples of evidence that relate to local and state requirements for certification and initial licensure. Prereq: 200.

EDUC 381 - Educational Psychology (3 cr) - Psychological bases of educational procedures and practices; educational implications of characteristics of physical and mental growth, emotional behavior, motivation, learning, individual differences, and human relations. Prereq: Psych 110.

FCS 390/590 - Adult Education (2 or 3 cr) - Philosophy, history, techniques, and experiences in teaching adults.

FCS 392 - Program Planning and Assessment in Family and Consumer Science (3 cr) - Administration of family and consumer science K-12, including program planning and assessment. Prereq: 290, 391


FCS 398 - Student Teaching in K-12 Family and Consumer Science Programs (Variable cr; pass/fail) - Observation and teaching in a K-12 family and consumer science environment under the guidance of cooperating teachers and university faculty.

FCS 400 - Seminar on Teaching for Student and Intern Teachers (1-2 cr Pass/fail) - Structured group discussion on aspects of teaching that emerge during full-time field experiences. Prereq: Con reg in 398 or 498.

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