Health & Wellness Coaching Graduate Certificate

New coaching programming is currently in development for 2019 that builds on our success with the previous program that is described below.

The School of Health Promotion & Human Development at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point offers a graduate program in Advanced Certificate in Health & Wellness Coaching that teaches the applied science of human performance enhancement and health and wellness coaching.
A health & wellness coach has a rewarding career focused on helping others achieve goals and overcome obstacles in their lives. This program provides the skills and knowledge needed to be a confident and effective coach who helps clients understand and navigate their path to wellness.
Coaches expand the client’s repertoire of negotiation skills so that they can better manage their health and overall wellness. These specific, sought-after skills help clients overcome hurdles, surpass limitations and tap into their own unrealized personal and professional potential.


The National Consortium for Credentialing Health & Wellness Coaches is delighted to announce that the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point has qualified to become an Approved Transition Program per the NCCHWC’s standards. As a result, health and wellness coaches who have met NCCHWC's requirements and completed the Health Coaching Program will qualify to sit for the national exam to be launched in 2016.
The NCCHWC is in a time of deep collaboration with health and wellness coach training programs that are working diligently towards creating a national standard which will help further professionalize and advance the field of health and wellness coaching.
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