Master of Science in Teaching History

The Masters Science in Teaching in History or MST with a concentration in the Social Sciences, allows you to study specific historical periods or topics, acquire new information, learn the latest interpretations, and evaluate the latest methods of teaching the subject.

To earn the MST in History degree:

  1. Achieve 3.25 GPA in 30 credits of graduate work.

  2. Earn at least 18 credits and no more than 24 in history, at least 12 of them at UW-Stevens Point. Earn at least 9 of these credits in courses 700 and above and at least 6 of them at UWSP.

  3. Complete History 701, 716, 756, or 776. Do not concentrate all your work in any one area (e.g., American, European, or non-Western); earn at least 3 credits in a second area.

  4. Earn 6-9 credits in 700 level education courses.

A listing of courses and course descriptions is available at the University Catalog.