Family and Consumer Sciences - Graduate Certification (100% Online)

Course Curriculum

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Course/Event​ Credits   
Next Offering
FCS 792 - Nutrition and Food Prep for Healthy Living
​Summer 2022
FCS 793 - Development and Guidance of Children and Adolescents ​3 ​Summer 2022
FCS 791 - Curriculum in Family & Consumer Sciences ​3 ​Fall 2022
HD 762 - Family Issues in Society
​3 ​​ ​Spring 2021,
Spring 2023
FCS 594 - Principles of Career and Technical Education
​2 ​Summer 2021,
Summer 2023
FCS 596 - Cooperative Occupational Education Programs
​1 ​​ ​Summer 2021,
Summer 2023
​HD 572 - Family Financial Management ​3 ​​ ​​Spring 2021,
Spring 2023
EDUC 743 - Creating Strategic Readers Across All Contents ​3 ​​ ​​Summer 2021,
Summer 2023
FCS 540 - Clothing, Textiles, and Housing (optional) 3​ ​Fall 2021,
Fall 2023

FCS 798 - Graduate Intern Teaching
(student teaching for those who currently hold a teaching license)

FCS 797/FCS 600*
(for those who do not currently hold a teaching license)



​Fall 2021,
Fall 2023

Fall 2021,
Fall 2023

*Those who need their initial teaching license as well as the FCS certification need to work closely with the School of Education adviser to identify what coursework would be required for initial licensure.

Requisite Courses

EDUC 702: Advanced Education Psychology 3 cr.
EDUC 755: Foundations of Special Education 3 cr.
EDUC 790: Pluralism in the Schools 2 cr.

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"​The thought of going back to college scared me. I have 5 children and knew it was going to be a challenge.
The online capability made it possible for me AND my family! My children were able to see me succeed at school and push to finish something that was so important to me. 
I also love the organized modules that I was able to work through. The professors were always available to answer questions or provide feedback.
Online courses allowed me the opportunity to plan study time around the rest of my day – not the other way around. I worked at my convenience as the course material was always online."
–Karla Olson-Line
Teacher/Food Service Director
International Falls (MN) School District