Health Promotion and Wellness: Program Application

You may be at a place in your academic career at UW-Stevens Point to apply to the health promotion and wellness program.

Health Promotion and Wellness

It is time to submit your application for full acceptance into IF:

  1. You have a cumulative GPA of 2.50* or above AND
  2. You have completed most of the courses listed below or will be completing most of the courses this semester:
  • HPW 110
  • HPW 102
  • HPW 210
  • FN 151
  • HD 265 or Psych 260
  • Psych 110
  • Biol 101 or 160
  • Chem 101
  • Comm 101
  • Engl 101 & 102, or 150
  • HPW 290 (must pass with C- or better)
  • Biol 385 (must pass with C- or better)
  • Bio 287 or Bio 387 (must pass with C- or better)
  • FN 253 (must pass with C - or better)

All HPW students receive an email with specific application instructions as well as valuable resources to aid in preparing a successful application. Watch your email for details.

*Students who do not have a 2.50 cumulative GPA but mathamatically could by the end of the semsester are permitted to apply for conditional acceptance. Please contact Becky Konietzki for additional information. 

If you have not completed most of the courses listed above, you will not apply for full acceptance this semester. Each semester offers a new application process. Students who apply, but are not accepted may re-apply the following semester.

If you have questions after reading all documents, please contact:
Becky Konietzki
Academic and Career Adviser
School of Health Sciences and Wellness
Room 242A CPS
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
Stevens Point, WI 54481
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