Urban Planning

Geography classroom
The Urban Planning Option is concerned with the spatial arrangements, distribution and interrelationships between socio-economic development projects and programs and community life, and the processes for resolving issues related to them. Students take foundation as well as specialized courses in economic geography, urban geography, urban and regional planning, and community development practices.

Students in this option will be equipped for a wide range of jobs in both the public and private sectors. Among these are city and county planners, transportation planners, economic development coordinators, development program administrators, location analysts, market research analysts, and business analysts.

Required Courses

In addition to the Core Courses, listed to the left, the Urban Planning Option consists of the following courses.

  • Geography 364
  • Geography 373
  • Geography 388 OR
  • Natural Resources 388
  • Geography 389 OR
  • Natural Resources 389
  • Geography 476
  • Geography 393
THREE credits from any of the following:
  • Geography 344
  • Geography 374
  • Geography 477
  • Natural Resources 488
  • Political Science 341
  • Political Science 397
  • Sociology 365
  • Soil 365