Faculty Research Interests

Research Interests of the Geography & Geology Faculty and Staff

Kevin P. Hefferan, Professor
Earth materials; structural geology; physical and environmental geology; geologic mapping in mountains

Neil C. Heywood, Professor
Environmental hazards; biogeography; field studies; outdoor recreation; North America; oceans

Samantha W. Kaplan, Assistant Professor
Quaternary studies; sedimentary geology; paleolimnology; palynology; tree rings

Eric J. Larsen, Professor
Remote sensing; geographic information systems; photogrammetry; biogeography

Karen A. Lemke, Professor
Physical geography; geomorphology; rivers; glacial geology; quantitative methods

Eugene W. Martin, Visiting Instructor
GIScience; modeling; sustainability; remote sensing; organizational change; programming

Doug Miskowiak, GIS Education Specialist
Geographic information systems (GIS); urban and regional planning; public participation; natural resources

Ismaila Odogba, Assistant Professor
Land use planning; political economy of urban systems; urban policy

David L. Ozsvath, Professor
Hydrogeology; groundwater geochemistry; environmental geology

Keith W. Rice, Professor
Multimedia cartography; geographic information systems; remote sensing-digital image processing

Michael E. Ritter, Professor
Physical geography; climatology; hypermedia and internet applications for geographic education and research

Karl E. Ryavec, Associate Professor
Historical geography; geography of religion; geographic information systems; cartography

Lisa J. Theo, Instructor
Human, urban, rural, environmental and tourism geography; geographies of underrepresented groups