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Please use the buttons below to flag a UWSP policy or practice that adversely affects marginalized communities such as individuals with disabilities, students/faculty/staff of color, the economically disadvantaged, and members of the LGBTQIA+ community at UWSP. ​ ​​ ​

Do you have additional information that would help the team in learning about and addressing one of our flagged policies/practies? If so, submit your input here

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 What We Do & Don't Do

What We Do

  • We receive flags and contact (call-in) the department(s) or individual(s) responsible for the practice or policy to discuss and find a solution.
  • We work with departments and individuals, not as an authoritative body.
  • We make recommendations based on best practices.
  • We create opportunities for the department(s) or individual(s) to meet with some students for clarity, if necessary.
  • We work with Common Council and DCA to amend policy, where necessary.
  • We share the final resolution on this website (see the table below) to celebrate the progress of this campaign

What We Don't Do

  • We do not call-out the department(s) or individual(s) in public.
  • We do not sanction department(s) or individual(s).
  • We do not change what we do not know or do not understand.

 Process Description

Process Description

  • Once a policy or practice is flagged (submitted), an email is sent to a selected individuals who would look at the complaint and determine the department(s) or individual(s) who needs to be "called-in".
  • An official email is drafted and sent to the department(s) or individual(s).
  • A meeting is setup to discuss and find solutions.
  • If it is addressed at the first meeting, then it is updated on the website as "Resolved."
  • If there are a series of meetings needed, it will appear on the site as “Pending.”
  • More meetings are organized with other stakeholders as needed.
  • Once a final resolution is reached, the person who made the complaint is informed and the status on the website is changed to "Resolved."

 Reports 2020-2021

Reports 2020-2021

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