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Unusual Circumstances

In these situations it may be possible to reanalyze the financial need of the student based upon current calendar information. In order to evaluate the appropriateness of such action, it is necessary to gather information from the student's family to assist in the reevaluation process. Below is a list of special circumstances that typically qualify a student to submit UWSP's Unusual Circumstance Form (UCF). When completing the form, it is important to provide specific dollar amounts as well as a detailed explanation of the circumstances. Supporting documentation may be required.
  • Reduction of income (you may wish to allow approximately 2 months after losing income before completing UCF in order to best project income)
  • Reduction of child support
  • High medical/dental expenses not covered by insurance
  • Death, divorce, or separation
  • Elementary or secondary school tuition expenses
  • Parent tuition expenses
  • One-time income
If you have experienced an unusual circumstance as described above, you may complete the UCF and transmit it to us. When submitting electronically, your student identification information and email address will be considered as a signature certifying that the information reported is as true, accurate, and complete as possible. If you are a dependent student submitting parental information you must receive permission from your parent(s) before doing so. Your transmission represents that you have approval from your parents to submit data on their behalf. You will be asked to provide a parental telephone number which we may use to corroborate data submitted on behalf of your parents. Please be aware that the U.S. Inspector General requires us to report all cases of fraud (and submitting parental data without permission would be fraud).
Below is a list of circumstances that are not eligible for consideration:
  • Costs associated with life-style choices such as mortgage payments, car payments, vacations, etc.
  • Monthly bills, such as cell phone or heating
  • Consumer indebtedness, including credit card debt
  • Parent unwilling to contribute to the student's education or complete FAFSA
  • Weddings
  • Requests to convert loans or student employment funds into additional grants/scholarships
We will determine from the information you submit whether it is possible to improve your opportunity for financial assistance and notify you if your eligibility for assistance can be improved. Please keep in mind that the professional judgment is administered at the discretion of the financial aid administrator on a case-by-case basis and cannot be appealed. Multiple UCFs throughout the year may not be processed. Additionally, initial financial aid awards must be made before a review will be done and a revision to the financial aid award will take place.

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