Why UW-Stevens Point ESL Program? 

  • Small classes
  • Helpful and experienced teachers
  • Safe and friendly community
  • On-campus housing guaranteed
  • Reasonable costs of attendance
  • Beautiful surroundings

Is the ESL Program a part of the University?

Yes, the ESL Program is part of the Division of Academic Affairs at UWSP. As an ESL Program student you will have a university ID card that gives you access to:
  • UWSP's computer centers
  • the library
  • the University Center
  • UWSP student clubs
  • campus sports and recreation facilities

What are ESL Program classes like?

  • Engaging
  • Interactive
  • Challenging
  • Student-centered
  • Fun

How do I apply? What are the requirements for admission?

Where is Wisconsin? How do I get there?









  • Plan your travel so that Central Wisconsin Airport (CWA) is your final destination
  • We will meet you at CWA and provide free transport to campus
  • CWA is served by American Airlines (from Chicago), United Airlines (from Chicago), and Delta Airlines (from Detroit or Minneapolis)

Where will I live?

  • All ESL Programs students are guaranteed on-campus housing in UWSP's residence halls
  • Married students or those 21 years old or older may choose to live off campus

What if I get sick?

  • ESL Program students are required to purchase medical insurance through the ESL Program
  • ESL Program students use the University Student Health Center on campus
  • Emergency care is provided by St. Michael’s Hospital, located one block from campus