USA Arrival Information

Just before landing in the United States

Shortly before your plane lands in the United States, flight attendants will hand a Customs Declarations Form (Form 6059B) which you must complete for the immigration officer at the U.S. Port of Entry. Make certain the name you use on this form is identical to your name as it appears in your passport.

Upon arrival at the U.S. Port of Entry

At the Port of Entry all passengers are required to undergo immigration processing. Please queue in the lanes marked for "non-citizens/visitors." The immigration officer will ask to see your I-20, customs declaration form, and your passport. You will be asked several questions and finger-printed before the immigration official stamps your documents, signifying permission to enter the United States. Welcome!
  • Proceed to the Baggage Claim for your luggage before going through U.S. Customs where you will submit the completed U.S. Customs form. You may be questioned and your luggage may be examined.
  • If the Port of Entry is not your final destination, proceed to the Baggage Check to re-check your luggage for continuation of your trip.
  • Exit and proceed to the gate for your flight to Central Wisconsin Airport (CWA). CWA will be listed under Wausau or Wausau/Stevens Point.
Your flight to Central Wisconsin Airport (CWA) will be on a smaller airplane.
PLEASE NOTE: It is common for flights to be delayed or canceled. If you miss your connecting flight, DON'T PANIC! Be prepared to spend a night in the city that you are stranded in. Go to your airline counter and ask the airline personnel to:
  • Reschedule your flight;
  • Call Dr. Van Den Elzen at +1 (715) 252-8359; and
  • Help you secure a hotel room at a discount rate (for "distressed travelers").