Enrollment Management Plan 2013-2018

Executive Summaryew

The Enrollment Management plan for the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point covers a five year period 2013 through 2018.  The plan is written and intended to be a flexible document that responds to the constantly changing environmental factors that influence institutional enrollment.  
In order to effectively guide those changes the Enrollment Management Committee was formed as a cross-functional leadership team from departments across the University to assist with developing the vision of enrollment management.  The Enrollment Management Plan will be reviewed annually by the Enrollment Management Committee along with a report summarizing the progress of goals outlined in the plan.
The plan will be implemented in a collaborative manner working across units and departments as needed to achieve the overall goals and objectives herein.  
The key operational methodologies that will drive the implementation of the Enrollment Management Plan are:
  • Utilization of a continuous quality improvement model.
  • Development of efficient operational processes and services.
  • Standardization of business processes and systems whenever possible.
  • Assessment of organizational outcomes as essential to improvement efforts.
  • Departmental metrics that measure the effectiveness of processes/projects.
  • Construction of guiding coalitions (cross-functional teams) from across the University to support major initiatives within the plan is critical to ensuring collaborative, well-developed and efficient processes.
  • Operational improvements and solid business practices will define the appropriate use of technology for the University.



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