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Responsible Adults 
Patricia Ann McNair (December 2020)

Legacy Series, Volume 4

Front Cover_ARC.jpgIn Responsible Adults, a mother uses her reluctant adolescent daughter as a model for her art photography. “Your mother loves you best when you are ugly, “ the girl comes to believe. A stepfather attacks a neighbor boy for exposing a shameful secret to his stepdaughter. A pregnant and undocumented young woman brings new life to a failing church and its dwindling congregation. Farms fail, families break apart, work is hard to come by, and the characters in these fictional Midwestern towns are fueled by grief and hope, loss and desire. What happens when responsible adults are anything but responsible people? When they are at best, irresponsible, and at worst, dangerous?

Praise for Responsible Adults

Responsible Adults is devastating, in the best possible way. McNair guides us through domestic worlds where we might fear to tread alone, revealing truths and exposing worlds peopled with want, kitchens with empty refrigerators and strange men. Children eat grape jelly with a spoon and long for ordinary lives as they negotiate adult problems as best they can. Readers are wiser and more compassionate for knowing these stories.”
—Bonnie Jo Campbell, author of American Salvage 
National Book Award finalist

“In a small Midwestern town, McNair’s characters teeter between absence and yearning, stagnancy and change. Always, she treats them with compassion and care. Responsible Adults is bursting with gorgeous, gutting stories.”
—Sahar Mustafah, author of The Beauty of Your Face

“The compression of the prose, its honesty and quiet intensity, earmarks a voice I find in Patricia Ann McNair’s Responsible Adults to be mesmerizing, irresistible, a graceful on-key edginess that propels each story forward.”  
       —Jack Driscoll, author of The Goat Fish and the Lover’s Knot

About the Author

Patricia Ann McNair has managed a gas station, served as a medical volunteer in Honduras, sold pots and pans door to door, tended bar and breaded mushrooms, worked on the trading floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and now teaches in the English and Creative Writing Department of Columbia College Chicago. She is the author of the award winning collection The Temple of Air.

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Lost and Found Departments

Heather Dubrow (August 2020)

Portage Poetry Series, Volume 3


Praise for Lost and Found Departments

Heather Dubrow’s Lost and Found Departments is a dexterous and quite moving poetry collection. It’s an ode to poetic craft that, within its rich myriad of voices, structures, and forms, revels in Dubrow’s lexical puckishness, incisive sense of humor, and rather notable ability to discover poetry everywhere and in every thing. 
–Rowan Ricardo Phillips, National Book Award finalist

Dubrow’s wit is both charming and disarming as she repurposes mechanical discourse and braids it into a personal and poetic voice. The music in the everyday language, the metaphors and leaps of association, the immediate address, the non-didactic moral pondering, these qualities make one think of Marianne Moore or Kay Ryan. This is a vigorous new poetry that gathers up the tatters of our modern verbal world and makes them sing.  
–Bonnie Costello, Boston University

Unabashed by the bawdy pun, the witty one-liner, the surprising punch line, Heather Dubrow’s wonderful Lost and Found Departments takes its place in the long—and serious, but never solemn!—tradition of American humor. In these thematically wide-ranging and formally nimble poems, Dubrow reveals her growing and deepening insight into the mysteries of daily life.  
–Ronald Wallace, University of Wisconsin–Madison

With her keen sense of language’s capacity for pleasure and her puckish wordplay, Dubrow’s observances transform into renovations, each renewal made possible through the very words she uses to record thought.  In these pages, lost are the places and person whose perils we grieve, the “back home in back there” never to be recovered; found is Dubrow’s wide, careful heart, made wider in the attempting. 
–Kimberly Johnson, Brigham Young University 

This terrific poet and critic does not exactly Have It All, because no one can have it all, but she certainly has It, where It means whatever transfigures the earthly material of daily life into the aerial architectures of real poems. She’s playful, she’s allusive like nobody’s business, she’ll never “belittle the listener,” and she, too, can “wink at the gremlins/who slink between the lines.”
–Stephanie Burt, Harvard University

About the Author
Heather Dubrow, John D. Boyd, SJ, Chair in Poetic Imagination at Fordham University, is the author of Forms and Hollows and two chapbooks. Among the journals where her poetry has appeared are Prairie Schooner, Southern Review, Virginia Quarterly Review, and The Yale ReviewShe was director of Fordham’s Poets Out Loud reading series from Fall 2009 to Summer 2020.

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The Legacy Series

Publishing new and emerging voices in fiction. We believe in the power of beginning a career, publishing a first book, and charting a new course. The Legacy Series seeks to promote new voices in fiction, especially those writers who are early on in their careers.


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Joseph O'Malley
Publication Date: December 2019 

In Great Escapes from Detroit, Joseph O'Malley tells stories of families living in Detroit. In an imperfect city that beckons and repels, these characters probe the ever-shifting terrain of the human heart, where the tenacious pull and push of love, trepidation, and occasional joy plays out as they navigate the opposing impulses that exist in all families: to embrace their circumstances, or to escape. Whether it's the father who fears he may have spawned a monstrously violent child, the woman overwhelmed by dealing with a crazy neighbor while caring for her ailing father, the teenage boy who finds that asceticism won't shield him from the horrors or the joys of life, or the happy woman who can't help her severely depressed husband, these stories reveal the throbbing kernel of hope that persists even in the most dire circumstances.


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Kim Suhr
Publication Date: December 2018

Drawing on the rich complexity of the American Midwest, Kim Suhr peoples her debut book of fiction with characters that we know, carved out of the Wisconsin landscape and caught between expectation and desire. An Iraq war veteran stalks the streets of Madison. Four drunk friends hunt deer outside of Antigo. A mother tries to save her son. A transplanted New Yorker plots revenge against her husband. A man sobers up and opens a paintball range for Jesus. A woman with nothing to lose waits for her first kiss.

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Susanne Davis
Publication Date: December 2017

The Appointed Hour shines a compassionate light on a changing rural America, spanning generations and locations by exploring the emotions that accompany life’s trials. The heart-wrenching challenges draw Davis's characters together in feelings of love, loss, hope, andcommunity, united throughout history by the place they call home.

The Portage Poetry Series

Publishing a new or emerging voice in poetry each Spring season. A portage is a pathway, and to portage is to trek across that pathway to get from one place to another. We seek fresh perspectives and new pathways with the Portage Poetry Series, started in honor of the press's first poetry collection in 25 years: Kristine Ong Muslim's Meditations of a Beast (2016), named one of the Chicago Review of Books' "Best Poetry Books of 2016"

LFD_Front Coversmall.jpg

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Heather Dubrow 
Publication Date: August 2020

Lost and Found Departments explores the intersections and tensions among many  types of loss and, sometimes, recovery—of words, of people, of memories, of literary genres. Ranging from found poetry and monologues, to reimagined forms and poems of loss and recovery, Heather Dubrow’s collection challenges readers to see beyond the surface of the everyday. With these witty, intelligent, and humane poems, Dubrow encourages us to see and discover the world around us as more than static or mechanistic. To her, the world is poetry.

MN_Front Cover small.jpg

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Alfonso Brezmes (translated and edited by Eduardo Gregori)
Publication Date: March 2020

Meditative, innovative, and incredibly talented, Spanish poet Alfonso Brezmes departs from tradition to deliver poems that are subtle, elegant, and playfully ironic. He draws upon historical and popular literature to craft poems that both haunt and delight. Brezmes invites readers to experience worlds of love, melancholy, fantasy, and adventure, each ripe with their own symbolism and yearning passion. Translated by Eduardo Gregori, many of Brezmes’s poems are now available in English for the first time. Marginal Notes is an entertaining entry point into modern Spanish poetry, as well as a sterling addition to contemporary world poetry.


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Cassondra Windwalker
Publication Date: April 2019

Uncovering heartbreak and hope, Cassondra Windwalker takes us on a journey deep into the human heart, set against the backdrop of a beautiful natural world. Her poems are filled with pain and redemption, force and forgiveness, and the responsibility of love. Intense in its imagery, graceful in its style, and keen to the matters of the heart, The Almost-Children will haunt you, heal you, and lift you up. 

Meditations of a Beast

Kristine Ong Muslim
Publication Date: December 2016

"Kristine Ong Muslim is a fearless writer who pushes us to the edge of an abyss and asks us to jump. Meditations of a Beast is a dark, wild, ruthless collection that offers glimpses of worlds and futures beyond our own. Each poem leaves a bruise. Each verse slips right into your ear—eel-like—and never leaves. We are witnessing the rise of a truly singular voice in speculative fiction and poetry."  

 -Adam Morgan, Chicago Review of Books

Selected as one of the "Best Poetry Books of 2016"
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The Back Home Series

Publishing unique and original voices in nonfiction. When we think of the Midwest, we think about place, region, and home. This series highlights the complexity of the Midwestern experience through the writers that have lived it. 


Ohio Apertures

Robert Miltner
Publication Date: March 2021

The inaugural volume in our new "Back Home" series, Robert Miltner's Ohio Apertures is a collection of brief pieces of creative nonfiction that turns its attention to northeast Ohio's position as both a Great Lakes state and the north coast of America. Its dozen selections, which include flash memoir, lyric essays, narrative nonfiction, literary nonfiction, travel writing, and historical excavations of place, trace the author's life from early childhood onward, offering a template for understanding the impact of place, region, family, literacy, and cultural influence on the shaping of a Midwest identity.

Available for pre-order February 15, 2021.

The Wisconsin Heritage Series

Cornerstone Press is committed to reprinting important and forgotten Wisconsin texts, as well as texts of the American Midwest, especially those published before 1924. New editions feature annotations, introductory historical essays, and forewords by contemporary scholars.

Front Jacket.png

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Charles McCarthy (Edited by Ross K. Tangedal and Jeff Snowbarger)
Publication Date: 1912 (new edition, 2019)

Charles McCarthy’s The Wisconsin Idea, originally published in 1912, made the phrase “the Wisconsin idea” famous throughout the state and the country. Grounded in thorough research, meticulous detail, and a steadfast belief in the public good, the book is an important historical document of the state of Wisconsin, the Midwest, and the United States. McCarthy’s chronicle of progressive state craft in practice charges those in government to invest in “hope, health, happiness, and justice,” in order to build up, rather than exploit, the resources (both human and natural) of the country, that we may truly prosper as a free people.

This new edition, with informative annotations for contemporary readers, is a must read for scholars and students of progressivism at the turn of the nineteenth century, as well as a must own for those who believe in the power and responsibility of the Wisconsin Idea.

The J. Baird Callicott Environmental Humanities Series

Named for famed environmental ethics scholar J. Baird Callicott, this new series is a lecture and peer-reviewed book series designed to provide scholars the opportunity to reflect on environmental issues as they relate to the scholar’s academic area of specialization.  The goal of the series is to engage the community, faculty, and students through radical environmental awareness.  First, radical here is meant to capture that element of critical thought that breaks with the traditions and norms of society to offer new insights into ways of thinking about or approaching environmental issues relevant to local, regional, and nationwide issues.  Second, the environmental element is meant to keep the environment at the forefront of the discussion so that engagement with the ideas presented are about challenging traditional beliefs, encouraging positive change, and developing the tools necessary for community members to take action to bring about those changes.  Finally, awareness is central to the series because the lectures and subsequent book are meant to draw attention to developing issues in the field of environmental studies.  

The series publishes one volume per year and is directed and reviewed by an interdisciplinary editorial team and advisory board of full-time faculty in the humanities and social sciences at the University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point.


Stranger, Creature, Thing, Other

Clint Jones
Publication Date: 2019

Dr. Clint Jones delves into the problematic nature of human Being by examining how we created the climate crisis and what it will take to change they nature of ourselves to save the natural world. Using the motif of monstrosity, Jones examines consumption, domination, historical inheritances, alienation, and competing social epistemologies to provide a richer understanding of the human element in nature and develop a new philosophical paradigm, ecostentialism, for coming to terms with what it means to be a moral person living in the aftermath of environmental collapse.

Ecological Reflections_2018.jpg

Ecological Reflections on Post-Capitalist Society

Clint Jones
Publication Date: 2018

Ecological Reflections provides an intellectual roadmap for deciphering the difficulties facing civilization confronted by the destabilization of late stage capitalism. Drawing upon a variety of resources, Dr. Clint Jones argues that it is of vital importance that traditional ideas about the human-nature divide be systematically broken down, not merely along the typical socio-political divides of race, class, and gender, but at deeper ontological and metaphysical levels.

Past Publications   

The Great Cat Nap

A.M. Bostwick
Publication Date:  2013

Ace is a hard-core newspaper reporter. He's tenacious, confident, and assertive. He's also a cat. When the famous show cat Ruby the Russian goes missing, Ace is on the story. But Ace bites off more than he can chew when he agrees to play detective and find the show cat, believed to have been stolen by animal smugglers. He'll need to call on help from his feline friends, a few dogs, and even a boastful rat nemesis in order to solve this mystery.

Among the Leaves: A Collection of Outdoor Essays

George Rogers
Publication Date:  2012

From fish to deer, places to people, and everywhere in between, George Rogers captures the essence of Wisconsin’s wildlife and history in Among the Leaves. “What happened to THE State Park?” and “where have all the passenger pigeons gone?” are some of the questions answered in this captivating description of what the outdoors has to offer, both in Wisconsin and beyond. As a writer for the Stevens Point Journal and the Portage County Gazette, Rogers wrote an expertly crafted, widely read outdoor living column.


Elizabeth Caulfield Felt
Publication Date:  2012

In nineteenth-century France, a woman’s role was explicitly defined: she was a daughter, then a wife, then a mother. This view was held by novelist and poet Victor Hugo, but not by his daughter, pianist and poet Adèle Hugo. Under such constraints, what’s a woman of passion to do? Syncopation, by Elizabeth Felt, breathes life into the unconventional thoughts of this controversial female figure. An elderly Adèle recounts her desperate attempts to gain personal freedom. Her memoir blurs the fine line between truth and madness, in a narrative that is off-kilter, skewed,…syncopated.


Whipped, Not Beaten

Melissa Westemeier
Publicaton Date:  2011

Sadie Davis is craving change. Recently dumped and working for a boss she despises, she is determined to shake up her life as a single woman in the city of Madison. She takes a side job as a home party consultant selling kitchenware, hoping that it will be the spice that turns her life around. Through failed recipes and cold ovens, Sadie works to create something that’s a bit sweeter, a lot richer, and oh, so very delicious.

Jake the Grizz and the World's Fastest Snowboard

Kit Kiefer
Publication Date:  2010

A snowboarding mystery novel intended for readers aged nine to fourteen.

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Fugitive from Spanish Fascism: A Memoir by Miguel Domínguez Soler

Translated and with an Introduction by Richard Barker
Publication Date:  2010

Miguel based his memoir on the diaries he kept his entire life, including the dangerous years when he was a fugitive. His account of the Fascist repression is a valuable addition to recent works on the suppressed history of the atrocities committed during the Spanish civil war that brought General Francisco Franco to power.

Wisconsin River of Grace

Kyle L. White
Publication Date:  2009

Ghosts and kielbasa. Blow guns and flying whitetails. Abraham Lincoln and the Wisconsin-Illinois Truce of '07. Aldo Leopold's warning. Icelandic immigrants who wave. These are just a few of the mysteries of Wisconsin River of Grace, a book that explores the irresistible pull of God's Country.

Point: The Beer that Made Me Famous

James Nolan
Publication Date:  2008

Follow an authentic Cheese Head's story from the hallowed halls of UW-Stevens Point (and the hallowed vats of the Stevens Point Brewery) to the bright lights of Broadway, where he auditions his Point Beer juggling trick for the LATE SHOW with David Letterman. Along the way, James is cremated by the Pacelli Cardinals, detained by Central Wisconsin airport security, shadowed by air marshals, harrowed by New York City taxis, confused by Times Square, lost in Central Park, paralyzed by stage fright, left brokenhearted, and even kidnapped!​


Wildflowers of Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest

Merel R. Black and Emmet J. Judziewicz
Publication Date:  2007

A comprehensive guide for amateurs and professionals.

Availability: Currently available from the University of Wisconsin Press as:

Wildflowers of Wisconsin and the Great Lakes Region   []

The Soul of a Place

Michael C. Demchik
Publication Date:  2006
Associate Professor Michael C. Demchik reminisces and compares life in his native West Virginia to that of the Midwest, from natural resources to farming practices.

Miss Adventures

Lisa Greyhill
Publication Date:  2006
"Lisa Greyhill is the ideal travel companion in a book filled with wonderful storytelling and delivered with a good dollop of humor. Take this armchair journey; you won't be disappointed!" -Arnie Bernstein, author of Hollywood on Lake Michigan

Casmer Sikorski Remembers

Casmer Sikorski
Publication Date:  2005

Follow Casmer Sikorski's life from 1908-1984 as his stories are recaptured in this non-fiction piece, a collection of Sikorski's letters to the editor of the Stevens Point Journal.​

Availability: Out of print

Your Annotated, Illustrated College Survival Guide, Volume I

Patrick J. Rothfuss
Publication Date:  2005
Patrick J. Rothfuss, with illustrations by B.J. Hiorns, brings us his first volume of Your Annotated, Illustrated College Survival Guide.
"Pat approaches everything with a childlike, almost infantile wonder. His wide-eyed amazement is so young and fresh it would be crispy, yet tender, if it was a vegetable." -B.J. Hiorns​
Availability: Out of print

As the Ashes Fade

Caroline Meehean
Publication Date:  2004
In her debut novella, Caroline Meehean explores how sins of the past resonate in the world of the present as she takes the reader into the mind of Willard Weiss. Once a member of a militant hate group in the American south, he is now a miserable old man trying to escape from his past and live a life separate from it.

Slough of Memories

Dorothy Zmuda
Publication Date:  2004
Hardship, sacrifice, community, family - it's all there, as seen through the wide eyes of a Polish girl from the north side of Stevens Point, Wisconsin in the 1920's. Follow the tales of Dorothy as she tries to find her niche in life while living across the "slough." Here, money is scarce; but love, compromise, and the ability to enjoy life and laugh at one's situations are abundant.​
Availability: Out of print

Influences: How Ancient Hinduism Dramatically Changed Early Christianity

A.L. Herman
Publication Date:  2004
This is a work about influences and what "influences" means. It is also about the influence of one ancient Indian civilization's religious beliefs of two Mediterranean religions, one from the first centuries after the Christian era.

A Wisconsin River Almanac

Ron Hay
Publication Date:  2003

Inspired by his love for the outdoors and its wild things, retired educator Ron Hay leads readers on a month-by-month series of adventures along the Wisconsin River.
Availability: Out of print

The Buckridge Chronicles: Sketches From Oak Ridge and Glacial Valleys

Dick Hall
Publication Date:  2002

Enjoy this delightful collection of personal essays and sketches relating the inner workings of a woodland community. Experience a world of oak trees, glacial valleys, and ridges in the Buckridge woodlot. Hear the spring turkey song, encounter whitetails, and live close to the earth in every season. The Buckridge provides environmental directions for our relationship with natural communities. ​

Echoes of Portage County Past

Portage County Historical Society
Publication Date:  2001
Covering the first half of the century, from the Model T to World War II, from fashion to farm life, from Franklin Roosevelt to television, the stories contained in Echoes of Portage County Past will give you an exclusive, first hand glimpse into the history of the area. We hope this collection will inspire conversations and spark memories. You might even learn a thing or two!​
Availability: Out of print

Grace... Before Meals

Grace Howaniec
Publication Date:  2000
In this, her fourth cookbook, long-time food writer Grace Howaniec gleans the best from her "Grace... Before Meals" column, which appears in such papers as The Oshkosh Northwestern, The Post-Crescent (Appleton) and The Stevens Point Journal. Grace invites you into the kitchen to share in the favorite recipes of her family, friends, and readers.
Availability: Out of print

Seeing Clearly

Julie Ray
Publication Date:  1999
It's the seventeenth of May, around nine o'clock in the morning and I have just started one of the most extensive projects of my life. Who am I, and what is this project? I was born with a hereditary disease which affects my eyes called Bests Disease. The condition was something I never thought about or was bothered by. Life was normal for me until I spent my first summer at my Aunt Alison's house.​

Trapped in a Mine

Susan Gress and Jane Randerson
Publication Date:  1998
A week without TV? A hefty challenge set by Eddie Anderson's fourth grade teacher turns into a time of adventure and growth for Eddie and his friends.
Availability: Out of print

On Wisconsin! 

Eds. Christina Brando and Bryon Thompson
Publication Date: 1997 
On Wisconsin! was written, edited, and published by University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point students in conjunction with Cornerstone Press. It is a natural adventure. Learn to appreciate nature again with Brian Hoskins as he works desperately to save his family's grand old maple. Feel the aching sadness of nostalgia with Wendy Tobinson as she returns home to find nature altered. Envision a sailboat with a plaid and polka dot sail as Nicole Maurer describes her "Grandpa and His Second Love." Experience the anxious waiting and the glory of landing a first muskie with Jennifer Woodruff and Lori Lenhard. Enjoy all these natural adventures and more inside the pages of On Wisconsin!  ​
Availability: Out of print

Raspberry Island Red

Matt Welter
Publication Date:  1997
Poetry by a student in UWSP's College of Natural Resources. ​

Road Songs

Alys Culhane
Publication Date:  1996
Road Songs, a collection of personal narratives, takes you on a four-month bicycle exploration of New Zealand's outer landscape as well as Culhane's inner landscape.

Samples from "A County Sampler"

John Anderson
Publication Date:  1994
"The editor has gathered some of Portage County's best and most entertaining authors to give the reader a sample of what has made this county unique and always intriguing to read about. This is an excellent sampler." -Tim Siebert, President of Portage County Historical Society.​
Availability: Out of print

Hidden Treasures 

Gwenneth Hinz
Publication Date:  1993
A great, full-color children's book​.
Availability: Out of print

Portage County: Of Place and Time

Maurice Perret
Publication Date:  1992
Are you curious about how Portage County came to be? Within these pages Maurice Perret takes you on a journey into the past of central Wisconsin.
Availability: Out of print

White Ladies and Naked Gardens

Justin Isherwood
Publication Date:  1991

A selection of essays concerning rural landscapes, nuances, sentiment, love, humor, farm identity, and values. White Ladies are in reality farmhouses, and Naked Gardens are the particular kind of gardens that, when surrounding the Ladies, exposed expressions of not only family will and integrity, but of a rural spirit. ​
Availability: Out of print 

Portage County Shadows

Janet Menzel Jurgella
Publication Date:  1990
In this colorful collection of true stories, seven well-known local historians and writers remember the notorious side of Portage County's past.
Availability: Out of print

Flight to Freedom

Margit Anaday
Publication Date:  1988
Budapest, 1941. A city torn by Hitler's advance. Amidst the wailing sirens, with baby carriage and suitcases in hand, Margit dashes for shelter. And then the bombs come. Margit's story is true. She and her husband, both Yugoslavian natives, were faced with only two alternatives: join or escape. Yet the decision to flee from the communists led the couple to diverging paths, separate fates.
Availability: Out of print


Pordnorski (and that's about it)

Kyle L. White
Publication Date:  1988
Zany and sarcastic Kyle L. White has finally put together a collection of cartoons, many of which were first featured in The Pointer, The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point newspaper. ​
Availability: Out of print

Tiger Island

Jack Ritchie
Publication Date:  1987
James Forrest is considering selling his half of the island to Mike Hegan. But Forrest has not been to the island since he was a small boy, so he returns to decide if he should sell or not. Now he cannot leave.
Along with eight of Hegan's mysterious friends and family, there is a tiger on the island. A hungry tiger. And the tiger isn't the only one killing.

Sean Murphy

Dan Houlihan
Publication Date:  1984

A tale of murder, drugs, and mayhem on a Wisconsin college campus. ​
Availability: Out of print