ACORN Extravaganza 2010

The 2010 “Roaring ‘20’s” Extravaganza, a celebration of Dashiell Hammett’s The Maltese Falcon, was held on Friday, February 5th in the Alumni Room of the UW-Stevens Point Dreyfus University Center. Participants enjoyed live jazz by the Leonard Zelig Quintet, shared perspectives on Hammett’s novel, competed in trivia and parody contests, watched a dramatic performance, ate, drank, and danced!

The night also featured several performances:

“If They Hang You”: A Scene from The Maltese Falcon
Directed by the fabulous Steve Smith, UW-Stevens Point Professor of Theater
Featuring UW-Stevens Point student actors Peter Hargarten (as Sam Spade) and Meagan Wells (as Brigid O’Shaunessy)

The Varsity Drag: A Musical Theater Performance
Directed by the wonderful Jeannie Hill, UW-Stevens Point Department of Dance
Featuring student dancers Katie Bates, Alex Mace, James Hansen, Stephanie Hansen, Erik Schneider, Kyle Martin, Zakary Morton, Emily Nowak, Maggie Wallis and Lynzi Zettler

The Leonard Zelig Quintet

Paul Christianson—Trumpet
Ryan Korb—Drums
Bill Jordan—Saxophone
Dave Poffinbarger—Bass
David Williams—Guitar

The Charleston and the Lindy Hop: History, Demonstration, and Lesson
By the ducky hoofers James and Toni Sage, Stevens Point Dance Instructors and Faculty Advisors to UWSP’s “Any Swing Goes,” a dance club for campus and community members.

Acknowledgements and Thanks

In addition to the wonderfully talented and generous performers listed above, we are very grateful to the following people for their help and support: Dean Christopher Cirmo of the College of Letters and Science; Ann Klosinski of Centers Reservations; Marshall Lee and the UW-Stevens Point Catering Staff; John Morser, photographer; Kim Shankland, reporter for The Pointer; Steve Sill, stagecraft; the inimitable Michael Williams, English Department Chair; Matthew Davis, session leader at the October Workshop; Book World and Book Finders in Stevens Point; Max Ames, Kyle Bernander, Katelyn Crabb, Amy Davis, Kacie Otto, Philecia Pribnow and Anna Rakovec, English major volunteers; Dave Arnold, Rachael Barnett, Mathew Chacko, Elizabeth Felt, Lorri Nandrea, Sarah Pogell, Robert Sirabian, and G. Christopher Williams, the Acorn Planning Committee.

Join us next year!