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Overview of Graduate School

As an English major, at some point in your life you may start to consider attending graduate school. People go to graduate school for many different reasons. Taking some time to carefull assess your own reasons will help you match your goals to a program that will help you reach them.
In choosing a graduate school, or a group of schools to which you will apply, you may want to consider size, location, reputation, quality, match, and range.
While you are still in the midst of your undergraduate program, you can do a number of things to prepare yourself academically for graduate school. First, you may want to exceed our department's requirements in terms of the number and kind of upper-division English courses you take. Make sure your advisor knows your plans, so s/he can help you select appropriate courses. You should certainly take courses in Chaucer, Milton, Shakespeare, and literary theory. You should also try for broad period coverage, and a balance between British and American literary history.
While private universities may look much more expensive than public universities, do not assume that private institutions will cost you more. The opposite is often the case, since private institutions can offer better funding packages.
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