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Assistant Professor of English

Ross K. Tangedal specializes in twentieth century American print & publishing culture and book history, with emphases on Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, textual editing, and the profession of authorship in America. He teaches Book History, Editing and Publishing, Creative Nonfiction, and Editorial Process, in addition to directing the student-staffed Cornerstone Press. His articles have appeared in the Hemingway Review, F. Scott Fitzgerald Review, Authorship, MidAmerica, and Midwestern Miscellany, and he has contributed essays to forthcoming volumes in the Teaching Hemingway series (Kent State UP) and the Midwestern Moment series (Hastings College Press). He has completed an edition of Michigan author John Herrmann’s lost novel, Foreign Born, for Hastings College Press, and in his current book-length project he considers the role of authorial introductions in the works of several American writers, including Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Willa Cather, Ring Lardner, Ralph Ellison, and Toni Morrison. He serves on the executive advisory board of the Society for the Study of Midwestern Literature and on the Advisory Council of Younger Scholars of the Ernest Hemingway Society. 


Foreign Born. By John Herrmann. Edited by Ross K. Tangedal, Hastings College Press [in press; Fall 2017].

Alone and Alone: Defense, Justification, and Apology in Fitzgerald’s Late Prefaces.” F. Scott Fitzgerald Review, vol. 15 [in press; December 2017].

Breaking Forelegs: Hemingway’s Early Prefaces.” Hemingway Review, vol. 37, no. 1 [in press; forthcoming Fall 2017].

Nothing is Left but the Sky: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Booth Tarkington, and Midwestern Influence.” Midwestern Miscellany. [in press; forthcoming Fall 2017].

Refusing the Serious: Authorial Resistance in Ring Lardner’s Prefaces for Scribner’s.” Authorship, vol. 5, no. 2, 2016, 11pp. doi:

"At Last Everyone Had Something to Talk About: Gloria's War in Fitzgerald's The Beautiful and Damned." Midwestern Miscellany, vol. 44, 2016, pp. 68-81.

"My Own Personal Public: Fitzgerald's Table of Contents in 
Tales of the Jazz Age." F. Scott Fitzgerald Review, vol. 13, 2015, pp. 130-145.

"Excuse the Preface: Hemingway's Introductions for Other Writers." 
Hemingway Review, vol. 34, no. 2, 2015, pp. 72-90.

"Designed to Amuse: Hemingway's
 The Torrents of Spring and Intertextual Comedy." MidAmerica, vol. 41, 2014, pp. 11-22.

Professional Affiliations

Modern Language Association
American Literature Association
Ernest Hemingway Foundation & Society
F. Scott Fitzgerald Society
Society for the Study of Midwestern Literature
Society for the History of Authorship, Reading, and Publishing

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Email:​ ross.tangedal
​Office: ​CCC 325
Phone: ​715-346-4532
​Fax: ​715-346-4215

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​ENG 101 ​Freshman English
​ENG 150 Advanced ​Freshman English
​ENG 202 ​Sophomore English
​ENG 349 Editing & Publishing
ENG 350 Creative Nonfiction
​ENG 389 ​Book History