Dejan Kuzmanovic

Associate Professor of English

Ph.D., English Literature - Rice University
M.A., English Literature - Rice University
B.A., English Literature - University of Belgrade

Dejan Kuzmanovic specializes in 19th- and 20th-century British literature, psychoanalysis, and theories of gender and sexuality. His current research project is an analysis of the ways in which Oscar Wilde’s and E. M. Forster’s contrasting visions of queer self-identification and social engagement may be applied to recent debates within queer studies and communities.

Recent Publications and Presentations
“Vampiric Seductions and Vicissitudes of Masculine Identity in Bram Stoker’s Dracula,” Victorian Literature and Culture 37.2 (2009)

“Teaching Gay and Lesbian Literature in the Spirit of Inclusive Excellence,” UW System President’s Summit, April/May 2010

“Self and Society in Oscar Wilde and E. M. Forster,” UW System Women’s Studies and LGBTQ Studies Conference, April 2010

“The Impact of M’M M’M M’M on Queasy Souls: Narrating the Unspeakable in E. M. Forster’s Short Stories,” UW System Women’s Studies and LGBTQ Studies Conference, April 2009

“Queer Autotheory,” Seminar on the Personal Voice in Literary Criticism, Association of Literary Scholars and Critics, San Francisco, October 2006.

“Phallic Attachments: Class Difference and Gender Anxiety in Lady Chatterley’s Lover and Maurice,” the 34th Annual Twentieth-Century Literature and Culture Conference, University of Louisville, February 2006.

“Queer Ethics: An Oxymoron?” University of Wisconsin System LGBTQ Research Symposium, University of Wisconsin-Madison, November 2005.

Honors and Awards
2010 Wisconsin Teaching Scholar
2007 Grant to Participate in the National Endowment for the Humanities seminar on
"The Oscar Wilde Archive," Clark Library, UCLA
2004 UWSP and Cornell U. grants to participate in the School Criticism and Theory,
Cornell University

Academic Service
  • Member of the editorial board of Issues in Writing
  • Member of the editorial board of Nineteenth-Century Gender Studies
  • Member of the UWSP Inclusive Excellence Leadership Team
  • Chair of the UWSP Faculty/Staff Gay-Straight Alliance

Contact Info

​Office: ​CCC 427
Phone: ​715-346-4719
​Fax: ​715-346-4215

Course Info

​ENG 201 ​Freshman English
​ENG 106 ​Reading Fiction
​ENG 150 ​Advanced Freshman English
​ENG 212 ​English Literature II
​ENG 287 ​Gay and Lesbian Literature
​ENG 288 ​Literature of Human Love and Sexuality
​ENG 311/511 ​English Novel (British)
​ENG 319 ​The Novel Since 1850
​ENG 327/527 ​Victorian Literature in Transition (British)
​ENG 328/528 ​Modernism
​ENG 385 ​Major Authors