General Response Guidelines

For all life/property threatening emergencies:

  1. Call 911

  2. When calling emergency personnel, stay on the line until all requested information is provided.

  3. Hang up only after you have been told.

As quickly as possible, people at the scene of an emergency must determine the basic incident facts (who, what, when, where, and how) and get this information to University Police. University Police assesses the situation and if warranted will contact at least one Emergency Advisor. Together they will assess the seriousness of the event and decide whether to contact a Line Officer. In the event none of the emergency advisors are available or the seriousness of the event warrants, University Police will directly contact a Line Officer.

Upon being informed of the situation, the Line Officer will inform the Chancellor who must decide whether to assemble an Emergency Operations Team. When assembled, the Emergency Operations Team carries out the responsibilities outlined in Annex B of the campus Emergency Management Plan.