Full-screen Pop-up Alert Channel

When a Pointer Alert is issued, messages with information about the alert can be sent to the campus community by means of a number of different communication channels, including an Alertus full-screen pop-up.

An Alertus pop-up will fill your entire screen (including text appropriate to the notice), similar to the image at right. Note: If this were an actual emergency, the message would contain important alert information.

Once an alert is launched, the pop-up will not clear the screen unless acknowledged or the message expires.

Download Alertus to your Windows personal computer

Students, faculty and staff have the ability to install Alertus software on their personal Windows computer, a tool that allows you to receive campus emergency notifications and alerts on your personal computer. See link to download program under Resources.

Unsure if you have Alertus lodaded onto your computer?

A yellow Alertus icon Yellow Alertus icon in your taskbar means the Alertus Desktop Alert agent is in communication with the Alertus server and can receive emergency alerts sent from Pointer Alerts.

A red Alertus icon Red Alertus icon in your taskbar means that the Alertus Desktop Alert agent is installed on your computer but is not in contact with the Alertus desktop notification server. Your computer will NOT receive emergency alerts sent from Pointer Alerts. However, when your computer reconnects, the icon will change to yellow and will receive emergency alerts.

No Alertus icon in your taskbar means the Alertus agent is NOT installed on your computer and you will not receive full-screen emergency alerts.


Screen-shot of the Aalertus desktop application displaying a test alert

Download Alertus

Alertus for Windows

When prompted, enter your UWSP credentials.

Questions about Alertus or Pointer Alerts?

Contact Emergency Management Specialist