Special Reports

UW-Stevens Point School of Education data has been made available for state and national reports. This data reflects various factors related to our teacher preparation programs such as the number of students graduating in various certification areas, placement figures for recent graduates, and the number of faculty involved in teacher preparation and supervision.​

Title II Reports 

Title II of the Higher Education Act mandates the Department of Education collect data on state assessments, other requirements, and standards for teacher certification and licensure, as well as data on the performance of teacher preparation programs. This data will be used for an annual report by state on the quality of teacher preparation, beginning April 2002.  Campuses are required to make their data public after April 9, 2001. Public refers to inclusion in catalogs, promotional materials, and communication with prospective students.​

PDF: 2007-08 | PDF: 2008-09 | PDF: 2009-10 | PDF:2010-11 | PDF:2011-12  |  PDF:2012-13​ 

Collaborative Inquiry Model: Needs Assessment

In 2007, Prof. Pamela Clinkenbeard (UW-Whitewater) and Prof. Christine Gould (UW-Stevens Point) became the co-principal investigators of a grant entitled “A Collaborative Inquiry Model in Core Content Areas: Moving Toward High Achievement for all Students.”  

The purpose of this grant was to determine whether there was a need in the state of Wisconsin to establish a program licensing teachers to specifically teach gifted and talented students. This license is provided for under the PI 34 rules and is specified as a 5g license although no current university programs within the state prepare teachers in this area.