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​Admission Process and Requirements

Only complete application packets will be reviewed. The following is required for the admission process: 

Step 1: Email a letter of intent, a copy of your teaching license, and a current resume to Kristi Roth, Director of Graduate Studies, Your letter of intent should detail your background qualifications, professional development, educational and career goals, and how this program fits into your future professional plans. If you are interested in obtaining a teaching license along with your master's degree, please indicate this in your letter. 

Step 2: Apply for graduate study at UW-Stevens Point by submitting a UWSP Graduate Student Application, application fee, and official transcripts to the Graduate Admissions Office is required for the master's degree programs.

The Office of Admissions at UWSP will send a copy of your application and official transcripts to the School of Education. Upon receipt of these materials, the department will look for evidence of an undergraduate grade point average of 2.75 or above (based on a 4.0 scale). 
Probationary status may be granted for students with an undergraduate GPA below 2.75.

Application Deadlines
​Fall Start
​July 1
​Spring Start
​October 1
​Summer Start
​April 1

The School of 
Education does not conditionally admit international students for graduate study. International students should contact the International Students & Scholars Office (ISSO) to apply for non-conditional graduate admission.

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