Gesell Institute - 4K Program

Students playing with child

Program Purpose

  • To provide a facility in which education students and related majors may observe the development process in young children.
  • To provide opportunities for students in teacher preparation programs to observe a master teacher and then apply principles discussed in teaching method classes to real life situations.
  • To give students opportunities to interact with parents and to observe parent-child interactions.
  • To provide a quality program for children two to five years of age.
  • To provide support and informational programming for parents.
  • To serve as a demonstration center for other programs in the community.
  • To serve as a research facility for UWSP faculty and graduate students.
  • To provide university students, in various fields of study, direct experience working with children ages two to five years.
  • University students are teacher assistants in the Gesell classroom, implementing developmentally appropriate activities and encouraging positive socialization, between members of the preschool group.
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