When do I apply for Student Teaching? 

Applications for student teaching are taken by the Office of Field Experiences (OFE) at a meeting held in the first month of the semester preceding the one when you plan to student teach. Watch for posted dates and places. In the meantime, you are welcome to stop by our office at 464 CPS with any questions.

 Where are policies and procedures published?

The School of Education Handbook is available in room 469 CPS and on the web at http://www.uwsp.edu/sites/backups/education/Pages/stuRes/studentHandbook.aspx/
The Handbook for Student Teaching is also on-line here.

It is also for sale at the University Bookstore. You may get a copy whenever you wish. The more familiar you are with its contents, the greater your chances of success in carrying out student teaching, preparing professional credentials, obtaining a license and pursuing a teaching position.


What are the prerequisites?

To apply for student teaching, you must have a GPA of at least 2.75 in every program for which you would be seeking certification. To student teach for initial certification, you must have completed 100% of the pedagogical methods courses in your major, 100% of the courses in any minor (or minors) for which you plan to apply for certification, as well as passing grades in Praxis II test(s). For adding endorsements to an existing license, rules vary depending upon program area.

How many assignments must I have?

You must student teach in your major in order to graduate and obtain initial certification, in most cases. If you have completed all requirements for a certifiable minor, you may choose to pursue certification in that additional subject area by requesting either a split assignment during a single student teaching semester, or an additional assignment before or after full-semester student teaching. For a full-semester student teaching for initial certification, you may request a split assignment; however, such assignments are sometimes difficult to obtain and complete.

The OFE does not guarantee the availability of initial student teaching assignments beyond the minimum range of grade levels in your major. For minors or extended ranges of grade-level, you have choices, not obligations for initial certification. As you explore various options, please bear in mind that quantity of experiences does not replace quality of experience. It is a policy in some programs that student teachers can assume only two assignments per semester, including coursework and work-study as well as additional endorsements. For all student teachers, one or two good experiences are better than many mediocre ones.

If you are eligible for additional license endorsements, you may request them after your assignments have begun by writing to the OFE. You must have written approval from an appropriately licensed cooperating teacher as well as your supervisor and program area chair or area director.

What is lobbying?

Under no circumstances does UWSP condone actively seeking a student teaching assignment through unwelcome contacts with cooperating school administrators, teachers, or staff. If you do not appropriately meet with cooperating professionals, any contacts you pursue by such so-called "lobbying" could lead to denial of your application for student teaching as well as refusal by a cooperating school or agency, not only of your application but those of others.

What are conflicts of interest?

Student teachers may not be assigned in cooperating schools and classrooms where the following conflicts occur: the student teacher has a child in that school building; the student teacher has a direct relative in that school building in a teaching or administrative capacity, or a direct relative in that school district in an administrative capacity; the school district has explicitly stated a policy regarding former students of that district's schools returning as student teachers. It is the policy of the OFE to defer to UWSP program area policies and local school district policies regarding assigning former students as student or intern teachers. The OFE may terminate any student teaching assignment in which a conflict of interest is found to occur, in accordance with the termination clause in the Handbook for Student Teaching and the affiliation agreements under which it is implemented in cooperating districts.

What locations can I request for my student teaching?

For student teaching assignments, the UWSP service area ranges from Interstate Highway 90-94 in the south to Rhinelander in the north, Greenwood in the west to Appleton/Neenah/Menasha in the east/southeast.  Any requests for assignments outside that range or outside the state must be made in person to the Director of Field Experiences (DFE), whose approval may depend on clearance from other teacher education programs in the area of the request. If the DFE and cooperating programs approve, there will be a fee for supervision services rendered, to offset unanticipated costs assumed by UWSP at the student's choice. Supervision fees are entailed for urban teaching in the Milwaukee Public Schools, for which it is strongly recommended that student teachers have prior experience in urban living and teaching. Some student teaching assignments may be overseas, which also entail supervision fees. Such requests will be considered only in conjunction with at least one-half semester of student teaching in Wisconsin. For information about overseas student teaching, ask the OFE.

What are internships and how are they assigned?

Internships are assignments in which student teachers are given temporary certification and partial contracts. Following guidelines made by the Wisconsin Improvement Program (see  http://www.dpi.wi.gov/tepdl/wip.html ) internship requests originate from school districts to meet various needs such as staff development or temporary staff shortages. As such, they may be posted anytime. Applications for internships may be submitted anytime. Nominations may also be taken anytime by the OFE from program areas. If you wish to apply for an internship, you should have a cumulative g.p.a. of at least 3.0; upon applying, you may have an interview with the Director of Field Experiences, followed by interviews at one or more schools or agencies. There are many uncertainties about internships. We at the OFE cannot be sure of the content and timing of any such assignment, but will make every effort to assure you that your application will be fully considered and fairly handled.