Ed.D. in Educational Sustainability: ​Funding Your Education

Graduate Program Cost

Tuition Cost

The estimated cost of study for the online Ed.D. in Educational Sustainability is the same for in-state and out-of-state students. Tuition reflects the 2017-18 Academic Year (Summer-Fall-Spring).

​Credits ​100% Online Doctoral Courses​
​1 ​$700.00
​2 ​$1,400.00
​3 ​$2,100.00
​4 ​$2,800.00
​5 ​$3,500.00
​6 ​$4,200.00

Annual Residency Cost
Estimated cost for the residency is approximately $400 for four nights of room and board typically held at one of our partner residential learning communities and includes transportation to/from UWSP. Student is responsible for transportation to and from campus. Students are eligible to apply for Federal Financial Aid who are enrolled in at least 5+ credits per semester.

Financial Aid

If you are anticipating using financial aid to fund all or part of your doctoral studies, do not forget to complete the Federal Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The sooner the better. Information on the FAFSA and student financial aid can be found on the UW-Stevens Point Financial Aid website. Our financial aid staff are exceptional in what they do and helping you navigate federal financial aid and options for financing your studies. Do not hesitate to contact them with any questions at 715-346-4771.

Graduate Assistant Positions

A limited number of Graduate Assistant (GA) positions may be available during the course of your doctoral studies. Graduate assistant inquiries and applications will be available after admission to the doctoral program. 

External Scholarships and Grants

The following resources are opportunities for additional funding for your graduate education.

Oscar W. Neale Fellowship

The Oscar W. Neale Fellowship recognizes and supports outstanding collaboration between UWSP faculty and educators in Central Wisconsin.
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