License with Stipulations (previously referred to as an Emergency License)

A License with Stipulations allows someone with a bachelor’s degree, who has not completed a teacher education program, to teach.  There are two pathways to this license:
  1. Students who have completed a bachelor’s degree in a teacher education through an approved Wisconsin school and are only missing required assessments for their license.  You can request your university to sign a “License with Stipulations” approval form.  If you completed a program through UWSP and are missing a required assessment, please contact Maggie Beeber, for more information.
  2. If a school district cannot find a teacher certified in the appropriate license subject or developmental/grade range, the district is allowed to hire someone who has earned a bachelor’s degree, as long as they are willing to pursue the required teaching license while they teach.  
NOTE:  If the license required is in a special education field, this license can only be held for 3 years and the teacher must be fully certified before year four.

For more information on the License with Stipulations option, please see DPI's website for full details.


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