Foundations of Reading Test for Wisconsin

Who needs to take the test?  
Students wishing to gain licensure in the following areas are required to take this test:
  • Early childhood majors and add-ons: Early Childhood, Early Childhood-Middle Childhood and Early Childhood Summer Program
  • Elementary education majors and add-ons, including those licensed in elementary adding middle school
  • Special education majors, minors and add-ons: CD, ECSE, EBD, LD and Cross Categorical Special Education
  • Reading Teacher (316) and Reading Specialist (17) Licensures

This rule first applies to an application for a teaching license received by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) before Jan. 31, 2014

Passing Score Information

  • Benchmark Passing Score: Applicants who apply for Wisconsin Licensure on or after Sept. 1, 2014, are required to earn a passing score of 240.

How much will it cost?

Test fee $125
Registration fee $30
Total $155

We recommend registering 6-8 weeks prior to taking the test as there are a very limited number of approved sites in Wisconsin. 
Why will I be required to take another test?

According to the newly enacted Wisconsin State Statute ACT 166:
Section 21.118.19(14)(a) any person applying for a teacher license " teach in grades kindergarten to 5 or in special education, an initial license as a reading teacher, or an initial license as a reading specialist..." are required to take and pass a Foundations of Reading Test. 
When do I have to have passing scores on this test?

The School of Education has recently approved a new policy requiring a passing score in order to apply to student teach. This rule will take effect for anyone student teaching Spring 2016 or later. Prior to that, you will be required to have passing scores on file in order to receive approval for your teaching license.
  1. If you will student teach in a fall semester, you must have the test passed and scores to our office no later than March 1 the semester prior to student teaching.
  2. If you will student teach in a spring semester, you must have the test passed and scores to our office no later than Oct. 15 the semester prior to student teaching.
  3. You should take Education 302, if it is required for your program, at least 3 semesters prior to student teaching. You will need plenty of time to study, take the test and leave room for a possible repeat.
​Semester I will
student teach?
​What is the latest semester
I should take Education 302?
​Fall 2016 ​Spring 2015
​Spring 2017 ​Fall 2015
​Fall 2017 ​Spring 2016
​Spring 2018 ​Fall 2016​
​Fall 2018 ​Spring 2017
​Spring 2019 ​Fall 2017
​Fall 2019 ​Spring 2018
​Spring 2020 ​Fall 201

About the Test

When am I ready to take the test?

Test Prep Study Materials

Note for FoRT

Educators who hold a lifetime license (previously called Professional Educator license) at the time they apply for their new add-on license do not need to pass FoRT in order to add a license in one of the areas listed in statute (Elementary -Middle Childhood-Early Adolescence, Reading Teacher, Reading Specialist and all areas of special education).

How do you know if you meet this requirement?  Wisconsin educators who hold a valid professional educator license  now hold a life license.  Essentially the expiration date has been removed from all valid professional licenses. You can check to see if you hold a valid professional educator license which is now a life license on the DPI website. When you pull up your license on DPI’s website, you should look at what is entered for you for your most recent license under “Stage.”  You can contact Maggie Beeber at if you are not sure.  Please include your full name as listed on DPI’s website and your DPI Entity Number.