​Version Tracking

This is a list of major changes to the SOE Portfolio Framework, since Kym Buchanan took over managing the framework.



  • Released June 5, 2007
  • Used by EDUC 200, Summer, 2007
  • Added version tracking to page comments ("2007-B")
  • Added ALT info to official images
  • Added _images folder, with official subfolder
  • PortfolioTitle.gif edited to serve as initial breadcrumb (right side is now an arrowhead)
  • Added general_style.css and offloaded most in-page formatting to this external style sheet
  • Removed all table-based alignment & position hacks; pages are now default-aligned (i.e., left-justifed)
  • Added teacher_standards.htm to framework, with link from Instructional Strategies
  • Added link from Subject Knowledge directly to DPI website



  • Released January 22, 2007; Revised February 20, 2007
  • Used by EDUC 200, Spring, 2007
  • Added page comments before <HEAD>, including official language and contact information
  • General cleanup and formatting of code
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