​Harju Center for Equity in Education at UW-Stevens Point

Leveling the Playing Field for Wisconsin Children

Harju Center

Thanks to a gift of $4.3 million from the estate of alumna Dorothea Harju, the Harju Center for Equity in Education at UW-Stevens Point has been established in the School of Education, focused on addressing educational inequities in Wisconsin. By supporting diverse and first-generation elementary education teachers, the Harju Center will help level the education playing field for Wisconsin children.

The Harju Center for Equity in Education will support rural education and prepare elementary education teachers. This includes 20 scholarships, which will first be available for students enrolling for fall 2020, and those at branch campuses in Wausau and Marshfield who major in elementary education at the main UW-Stevens Point campus.

The Harju Center will help supply more teachers to rural school districts and prepare them for the special needs of those areas. It will also help UW-Stevens Point serve underrepresented minority students in metropolitan areas.

The Harju Center will support rural education by:

  • Creating a literacy program to serve children of Central Wisconsin, giving UW-Stevens Point education students hands-on learning experiences.
  • Providing fellowships for rural district teachers who want to start an Educators Rising Club and mentor students for the teaching profession.
  • Hosting summer camps for high school students interested in becoming teachers.
  • Providing grants to purchase teaching materials and professional development opportunities for K-12 teachers, UW-Stevens Point students and faculty.
  • Providing renewable scholarships and mentoring for UW-Stevens Point students.

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