​Online Master's Degree with ECE/ECSE Focus

Welcome to the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point School of Education online Master’s program focusing on early childhood education (ECE) and early childhood special education (ECSE). Students can take courses at UWSP and other UW-campuses or at a private college. Once the course is completed at the respective university/college, the course then transfers back to UWSP for this special master’s degree. This program is unique in that top professors in the fields of ECE and ECSE teach the courses.

Admission Requirements include:

  • Completion of a four-year degree in teaching, occupational therapy, physical therapy or related area of specialization.
  • Undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or (probationary acceptance can occur)
  • Access to & ability to use the necessary technology

To Apply To This Program:

  1. Please click on electronic application at www.uwsp.edu/education/Pages/Graduate.
  2. **NOTE: Be sure to select Master of Science Education-General on the application
  3. Submit copies of your professional teaching license/credential, and other documentation attesting to your professional expertise to Dr. Caro.
  4. Complete phone interview with Dr. Caro, the Coordinator of the program.

After acceptance, you will receive a letter outlining additional information required to develop your individualized program of study.

Please note that you pay tuition to the university at which you are taking the course. You would register at the participating campuses as a special graduate student. At UWSP, you would be known as a degree-seeking graduate “regular” student. There is no fee for a transfer of courses. Your transcript from that university/college would be sufficient evidence of completion of the course. Financial aid is available at the federal level and you might consider contacting our financial aid office about any questions you might have (finaid@uwsp.edu). According to UW-System guidelines, you have seven years to complete a master’s degree; however, most students complete the degree within three years.

Please note this program leads to a Master of Science in Education -General (MSEG) it does not lead to teacher certification. For information on add-on certification please use the following links:
ECSE Add-on Certification
ECE Add-on Certification

For More Information Contact:

Cathy Scheder, Ed.D.
Administrative Program Specialist 
School of Education Office of Graduate Studies and Professional Development
CPS 438


Institutions and Instructors:

UW-Stevens Point: Patty Caro, Lisa Bardon, Paula DeHart, Pat Shaw, Leslie Wilson
UW-Eau Claire: Marie Stadler
UW-Milwaukee: Mary McLean
UW-Oshkosh: Ling Ling Tsao
UW-River Falls: Gay Ward
UW-Stout: Ruth Nyland
UW-Whitewater: Simone Devore, Sharon Kolb, Giuliana Miolo, Shannon Stuart
Silver Lake College: Nancy Sims

Working Copy for Proposal Plan of Study for MSEG ECE/ECSE (PDF)

Checklist for MSEG ECSE Degree Completion (PDF)

Helpful Course Registration Links
UW-Stevens Point www.uwsp.edu/cps/network/
UW-Eau Claire www.uwec.edu/registrar/
UW-Oshkosh www.uwosh.edu/registrar/
UW-River Falls www.uwrf.edu/registrar/
UW-Stout www.uwstout.edu/regrec/index.html
UW-Whitewater www.uww.edu/registrar/
Silver Lake College www.sl.edu
UW-Milwaukee www.uwm.edu

Teacher Quality Initiative Grants Program tqi.uwsa.edu/grants.htm

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