​Master of Science in Education-Elementary

Admission to the Program

You must submit an application to pursue graduate study at UWSP before you can be admitted to the MSE–Elementary Education program  You must submit official transcripts covering your undergraduate coursework and any additional coursework listed on your application. The Admissions Office will process your application and then notify you that your materials will be forwarded to School of Education Graduate Studies and Professional Development Office. At that time, your application will be reviewed by SOE Graduate staff for admittance to the program. 

Because you may include no more than 9 completed graduate credits in your Master's degree, submit your proposed plan of study before you complete 9 graduate credits.  

The Program

Students must meet with their assigned graduate adviser prior to completing 9 graduate credits to finalize their plan of study.  
Earn 30 credits in graduate courses following your approved plan of study, maintaining a 3.00 GPA or higher:
  • Professional education: 9 credits which include foundations, curriculum, and research courses. Education 782 may substitute for Education 707 only with adviser approval prior to enrollment.
  • Liberal arts: 6-9 credits outside education (courses without the EDUC prefix).
  • Area of specialization: of the remaining education credits, at least 3 must be from courses in instructional methods, supervision and instruction, reading, foundations, etc. Advisers may approve exceptions for 500-level courses.
A Change of Study form must be submitted and approved by the assigned graduate adviser if changes must be made to the plan of study.
A Transfer Credit Application must be submitted and approved by the Director of SOE Graduate Studies and Professional Development for graduate courses taken from other institutions.
All credits accepted toward a degree, including transfer credits, must be earned within a seven-year period. The time period starts with the beginning of the term in which the first course approved for your program of study was taken.

Culminating Experience

Complete either of these two options:

Thesis Option: Write a thesis and a comprehensive examination covering the liberal arts area of your program, or

Nonthesis Option: Take Education 707 or 782 and write a comprehensive examination. You must have at least 24 credits completed toward your Plan of Study including the required component area coursework before you can register to write your exam. The graduate exam will include foundations, liberal arts, and 6 additional credits in your area of study. You may not write on practicum, independent study, or research work. Register for the exam one semester before you plan to take it. To register and for more information, contact the SOE Graduate Studies and Professional Development Office at 715-346-4403.

Exit Interview (credit check for graduation)

You must complete an exit interview one semester prior to the semester in which you plan to graduate. This interview will generate a credit check on your progress and requirements and provide a one-semester "cushion" to cover discrepancies. You will receive the application for graduation at the exit interview and you apply for graduation after the interview.

Deadlines: Decide on the term in which you anticipate receiving your diploma. Schedule your credit check, sign up for exams and apply for graduation by the month indicated.

  • Apply by August for December diploma and graduation ceremony.
  • Apply by December for May diploma and graduation ceremony.
  • Apply by December for August diploma. There is no ceremony in August, however, candidates may request to participate in either May or December ceremonies.
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