​School of Education Master's Degrees

The UW-Stevens Point School of Education Graduate Studies and Professional Development Office offers two master's degree programs. Within each master's degree program, an additional certification can be incorporated.
Master’s of Science in Education-Elementary Education is for those interested in elementary education and/or persons with less than two years of teaching experience. After two years of teaching experience, one could transfer to the Master’s of Science in General Education, if desired.
Master’s of Science in Education-General Education is for those with a total of two or more years teaching experience, with interests in education, certification/specialization in education, and/or courses in other departments at UWSP. The most flexibility is present with this program, including some online courses/degrees.

For more information, please contact:
Cathy Scheder
Administrative Program Specialist
School of Education Office of Graduate Studies and Professional Development
CPS 438
Pam Bork
Assistant Professor of Education
Director of Graduate Studies and Professional Development
CPS 438

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