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Reading Cert

Why UW-Stevens Point?

  • Opportunities to examine and enrich your personal and professional goals
  • Unique opportunities to collaborate as literacy professional
  • Validation of your work as reading professionals
  • Interactive small classes
  • Online course offerings

What will I be able to do with a Reading Teacher (316) Certification?

  • Strengthen content literacy in the classroom
  • Serve as a Title I reading teacher
  • Collaborate with teachers
  • Advocate for reading needs of all students
  • Provide reading resources for students, parents, colleagues, and community

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Amber Garbe
Reading Program Coordinator

Required Courses

If you have taken reading courses such as Communication Arts, Adolescent or Children’s Literature you may already have some courses needed to begin the reading certification program.

Area A - Prerequisites

One course is required at both elementary and secondary levels:

  • Education 309/509, Methods/Materials for Teaching Reading II (3 cr.)
  • Education 310 Materials and Methods for Teaching Lang. Arts (3 cr.)
  • Education 386/586, Reading in the Secondary School (3 cr.)
  • English 381/581, Reading for the Teacher of English (3 cr.)

Area B - Prerequisites

One course is required from the following selection:
  • Education 383/583, Tests & Measurements (3 cr.)
  • English 275, Children's Literature (3 cr.)
  • English 375/575, Literature for Adolescents (3 cr.)
  • Education 706 (3 cr.)
  • Education 327/527 (Teaching Rdg to G&T) (3 cr.)

Area C

All of the following courses are required

Education 740, Reading Teacher Portfolio (1 credit Concurrent with 741)
Education 741, Improvement in the Teaching of Reading (3 credits) (Prereq: ED 308/508 or ED 309/509)

Education 746, Diagnosis & Evaluation of Reading Abilities (3 credits)

Education 747, Remedial Reading (3 credits)
Education 748, Remedial Reading Practicum (3 credits)

NOTE: Courses for Area C for the 316 license must be earned within a seven-year period and taken in the above sequence. The time period starts with the beginning of the term in which the first course approved for your Program of Study was taken.

Two years of successful regular classroom teaching experience.

How long will it take to acquire certification?

It is possible to complete the 316 in one year beginning in summer with credits needed in Areas A or B, and then sequentially taking courses in Area C through the following summer.

Can I acquire my master's degree as well as certification?

Graduate-level reading certification courses for the 316 licenses may be incorporated into the Master of Science in Education - General Degree.
316 Reading Teacher Information Sheet (printable .pdf)
316 Program Plan
Foundations of Reading Test for Wisconsin

Required by state law for licensure: Passing score of 240 or higher on the Foundations of Reading Test for Wisconsin. For more information on score requirements, test preparation and registration, please see our website. 

Note for FoRT: Educators who hold a lifetime license (previously called Professional Educator license) at the time they apply for their new add-on license do not need to pass FoRT in order to add a license in one of the areas listed in statute (Elementary-Middle Childhood-Early Adolescence, Reading Teacher, Reading Specialist and all areas of Special Education). 
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