Helpful Hints from the SOE Advising Staff

Helping students succeed is the ultimate goal of the School of Education Academic and Career Advising Center staff. Here are a few hints from our advisers to help students succeed in an education program at UW-Stevens Point.

checkThere is always an adviser available to help.

All students who have declared their intent to teach are welcome to meet with advisers in the SOE Academic and Career Advising Center throughout the year; however, during peak advising times, students are encouraged to meet with their assigned SOE advisers (if one has been assigned).

checkDevelop a Graduation Plan.

Once a student has declared their major(s)/minor(s), we strongly recommend meeting with an Education adviser to develop a graduation plan. At this meeting, advisers can develop a semester by semester plan of courses - all the way through to graduation. This makes future advising appointments more about how students are doing, instead of what classes they need to be taking. 

checkRead and refer back to the Professional Education Program Undergraduate Advising Guide

Students receive the School of Education Undergraduate Advising Guide when they declare their intent to teach. We recommend reading the advising guide at the beginning and end of every semester to stay on track in the program. Students should refer to the advising guide to find answers to a variety of different questions about the Professional Education Program.

checkStay up-to-date with the SOE Newsletter.

The SOE Newsletter is sent weekly via email to all students who have declared their intent to teach. The newsletter contains the most current information about happenings in the Professional Education Program and students are responsible for the information enclosed.

checkCheck email at least twice a week.

Several important notices from the SOE Academic and Career Advising Center are sent to UWSP email accounts, including:
    • Student Teaching Meetings (Sept/Dec and Jan/May)
    • Pre-Registration Information and Directions (Oct/Nov and Mar/Apr)
    • Invitations to special events (ongoing)
    • Scholarship information (Dec/Jan)
    • Advising information and dates (ongoing)

checkFind a consistent place to study.

We recommend that students find a consistent place on campus to call their study space. This "study space" should not be in a student's residence hall room or at home (for commuters) - there are too many distractions in these locations. Students who utilize the same space away from their "home" actually become more efficient with their study time.

checkKeep up on reading.

Students can't read any faster than they can read. Once a student falls behind on their reading assignments, it is difficult to ever catch back up.

checkTalk to instructors.

Instructors at UW-Stevens Point are here to help students succeed. We recommend talking to instructors - early and often - not just when a student needs help.

checkGo to class.

It is extremely difficult for a student to do well if he/she is not going to class. Period.

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