​School of Education Weekly Newsletter

Week of May 11, 2020

Welcome to finals week for spring 2020.  Now is a great time to take a breath, hunker down, study hard and tell yourself “I can do this!”  I do want to thank you all for your resiliency, and the kindness I see so many of you showing others.  We are so very proud of our students.

Maggie Beeber - Furlough – I will be out on furlough this Thursday, May 14, and will not be able to answer emails on this date.

What should you be doing this summer?
  • Check your email at least twice a week.  Sometimes very important emails are sent during breaks.  For example, if a class changes times or days or is cancelled, you will receive an email.  Spring 2021 student teachers will receive emails from the Field Experiences Office in August about student teaching application paperwork in August.
  • Review your Education Advising Guide and make sure to reflect on the Disposition Expectations on the back page.  Are you hitting those benchmarks?  What could you be working on in the future?
  • Get help if you need it.  I work all summer long.
  • Make sure to take care of you!  Take time to do those things that reenergize you.  Laugh.  Have fun.  Reflect on this coming year.  
  • Let’s make it a great summer 2020!

Communicating with Maggie Beeber/School of Education Academic and Career Advising Center
I do work this summer.  I am the only person answering the phone right now and it comes in through my computer.  I am also trying to advise students and assist them through Zoom and phone calls.  Because the phone ringing makes it difficult to do online advising, I am asking you to follow this process if you have questions or concerns:
  1. Try emailing me first with your concerns and/or questions .  Please include your name, ID# and majors/minors, as always expected.  If you have questions about a graduation plan you have, please include a .pdf of that grad plan in order to help me help you.
  2. If it is too complicated for email, or you really need to talk and not just email (this is fine, I understand), let me know and I will ask you to email me back with your phone number and times/dates you are free to take calls.  It will be important to answer the phone when you say you are free.  I will call from our office number, 715-346-2040, so you might want to put that number in your phone so you recognize it when I call you back.
  3. OPEN ADVISING – see below for directions – this is the last week of open advising until fall.

Open Advising – May 11-May 13
Please follow these directions carefully!  
Monday, May 11, 2:00-4:00pm
Tuesday, May 12, 9:00-11:00am
Wednesday, May 13, 2:00-4:00pm

Starting 15 minutes prior to the start of open advising (no earlier), you can send me the following email and I will call you in the order in which I receive your emails.  Please do not email earlier than 15 minutes before the start of open advising.
I will call people back as long as I am free.  I might not always be able to get through everyone emailing.
  • Name
  • ID#
  • Majors and minors
  • Phone Number:  Please have your phone on and answer it. Remember, it could be some time before I call you as there may be others who emailed me first.
    • I will call from our office #715-346-2040 – If you want a zoom meeting, I can set that up as we are talking and then we can switch to that format.

Summer and Fall Registration Information
  • Summer registration began March 9.  If you need summer courses and have not yet enrolled, please do so right away.
  • Fall Registration – All currently enrolled students should have already registered.  You all have had an assigned date and time you must register.  Please check accesspoint now to find out when your appointment is.  Registering even ½ hour late could affect your ability to get into required courses. In accesspoint, you choose My Classes and there you can see your registration appointment option on the left picks. 
  • Make sure you take care of any HOLDS or TASKS in accesspoint now.  Please do not wait to do this.
  • If classes close:  See directions below - Please carefully follow those direction right away.

Waiting List Directions for Fall 2020
Wait list decisions for all ECED, EDUC, HLED, PEX and PHED courses have already been decided on.  
What to do if you did not get on a wait list for one of our courses and now need the course:

  • Email me (mbeeber@uwsp.edu) and include all of the following…Feel free to cut and paste this to make it easier:
    • Picture of your graduation plan, if you have one
    • Name
    • ID# 
    • Course you need (must be ECED, EDUC, HLED, PEX or PHED courses only)
    • ALL of the section numbers (example: 01 or 02 or 03) of that course that fit your schedule, in the order of priority for you.  Please do not list section numbers that do not fit your schedule.  
    • I will either recommend a change to your schedule or try to get you into the course.

Math/Math Ed 228, 338 and 345  and Music Ed 381 courses:
Decisions have already been made for these courses.  
What to do if you did not get on a wait list for one of our courses and now need the course:
  • Email me (mbeeber@uwsp.edu) and include all of the following…Feel free to cut and paste this to make it easier:
    • Picture of your graduation plan 
    • Name
    • ID# 
    • ALL of the section numbers (01 or 02 or 03) of Math/Math Ed 228, 338 and 345 or Music Ed 381 that fit your schedule.  
    • I will either recommend a change to your schedule or try to get you into the course.

All other courses:
  • For the majority of courses, you will find that when you move courses to your shopping cart, there is a little box that you can click for “waiting list if class is closed.”  Make sure that is clicked before you register.  If the class is still in your shopping cart after you enroll, it means you are NOT on the waiting list.  You can click the class in your shopping cart and see if the “waiting list” option is there.  If it is, click that box and try enrollling again.  If the class moves down as registered, then you know you are on the waiting list as it will have a yellow box next to it and state WAIT LIST next to the course.  Have a plan B in case you do not get into the course.
  • If a waiting list does not exist for the course, you will need to email that department (you can search for that department on the UWSP website) and ask them how to get into closed courses within their department.

If you need assistance, please ask your adviser.  You can also ask me.

Good luck everyone and take care,

Maggie Beeber
Undergraduate Advising Coordinator 
& Teacher Certification Officer
School of Education
469 College of Professional Studies
UW-Stevens Point

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