​School of Education Weekly Newsletter

Week of April 6, 2020

Welcome to week 12 of the semester.  Please make sure to take care of yourselves and find your new balance.  We do miss you all and can’t wait to see you all again!

Now that we are into week 2 of all online classes, I just want you to remind you all that there is help available.
  • The tutoring center has moved to online tutoring.  Their website tells you how to get assistance:  https://www.uwsp.edu/tlc/Pages/default.aspx
  • Reach out to your instructors – they are here to help.
  • Advisers are available to answer questions you may have.
  • Friday is the last day to withdraw from 16 week classes.  See directions below.
  • I am trying an afternoon of OPEN ADVISING this week.  Please see directions below.  If it works, I will add more hours in the coming weeks.  Please follow directions very carefully.
  • Registration starts next week.  It is very important you read all emails from ANYONE on campus as we are all working from home and you might get emails that are very important that you do not recognize.  Reading this newsletter is very important as this is the best way to communicate right now with all of you.  
    • Registration information has been sent out from the Registrar’s Office.
    • I have sent out a number of emails on fall registration and pre-registration directions.
    • If you have not yet been advised, your adviser has been sending you emails with directions.  This is required prior to registering.  Check your Profile tab in accesspoint to ensure you know who your adviser is.  It may have changed and you may have missed that email.

NEW Summer School Announcement:
Given the likelihood that the COVID-19 disruptions will continue into May and perhaps June, we have made the decision to move all summer courses beginning prior to July 1, 2020 to online/alternative delivery.  Once we get any courses that begin prior to July 1 and had some component of in-person figured out on our end, we will reach out to you.

Communicating with Maggie Beeber/School of Education Academic and Career Advising Center
I am the only person answering the phone right now and it comes in through my computer.  I am also trying to advise students and assist them through Zoom and phone calls.  Because the phone ringing makes it difficult to do online advising, I am asking you to follow this process if you have questions or concerns:
  1. Try emailing me first with your concerns and/or questions .  Please include your name, ID# and majors/minors, as always expected.  If you have questions about a graduation plan you have, please include a .pdf of that grad plan in order to help me help you.
  2. If it is too complicated for email, or you really need to talk and not just email (this is fine, I understand), let me know and I will ask you to email me back with your phone number and times/dates you are free to take calls.  It will be important to answer the phone when you say you are free.  I will call from our office number, 715-346-2040, so you might want to put that number in your phone so you recognize it when I call you back.
  3. OPEN ADVISING – see below for directions

Open Advising
Please follow these directions carefully!  Remember if this works, I will try for more hours next week and the hours will be in the newsletter.

Thursday, April 9, from 1:30-4:00 
Starting at 1:15pm and going until 4:00pm, you can send me the following email and I will call you in the order in which I receive your emails.  Please do not email earlier than 1:15 or later than 4:00pm.  I will call everyone, even if that means I call you after 4:00, as long as you emailed by 4:00.
  • Name
  • ID#
  • Majors and minors
  • Phone Number:  Please have your phone on and answer it. Remember, it could be some time before I call you as there may be others who emailed me first.
    • I will call from our office #715-346-2040 – If you want a zoom meeting, I can set that up as we are talking and then we can switch to that format.
Withdrawing from Courses
The deadline to drop a 16 week course has been extended to Friday, April 10. This requires special permission and results in a "W" on your transcript.  A “W” does not affect your gpa.
How to Withdraw from courses:  As long as you are not withdrawing from all of your current courses, you can withdraw through the FORM tile in accesspoint.  It is labelled “Late Drop (W-Drop) Request” and you enter the course/courses you want to withdraw from and submit it.  It will automatically be routed to your instructor and adviser for final approval.  

Summer and Fall Registration Information
  • Summer registration began March 9.  If you need summer courses and have not yet enrolled, please do so right away.
  • Fall Registration for undergrads starts April 13.  You all have an assigned date and time you must register.  Please check accesspoint now to find out when your appointment is.  Registering even ½ hour late could affect your ability to get into required courses. In accesspoint, you choose My Classes and there you can see your registration appointment option on the left picks. 
  • Make sure you take care of any HOLDS or TASKS in accesspoint now.  Please do not wait to do this.
  • You all received emails from me, most recently Friday, March 27, with the title: Pre-registration and registration directions for School of Education Majors.  Please make sure to carefully read through that email as there may be things you need to know about that you will miss without reading this important email.
  • If classes close:  in an upcoming newsletter, I will include directions on what to do if a course closes.  Please carefully follow those direction right away.

Advising and Grad Plans
  • Please make sure to go into accesspoint to make sure your adviser has not changed:  choose PROFILE and then click ADVISERS on the left.  
  • You should all be hearing from your assigned adviser on how to set up your advising appointment.  Most of you have already gotten an email from your assigned advsier.  Please follow the directions from your adviser as soon as you receive their email.  Do not wait!  You must have your adviser hold lifted prior to your assigned registration date and time.  This is mandatory. 
  • Majors housed in our department should already have a semester-by-semester graduation plan:  Early Childhood majors, Elementary Education Majors, Physical Education Majors and Special Education Majors.  
    • If you have a graduation plan and do not have access to it due to moving home, email mbeeber@uwsp.edu right away and tell me you need your grad plan and left it here.  If I have it in your advising folder, I can scan it in and send it to you.  If not, I will assist you…don’t wait, please.  Don’t worry, if you email soon enough, I have your back.
    • If you do not have a graduation plan already, please email Kimberly.Rolands@uwsp.edu and you MUST include ALL of the following:
      • Name
      • Phone #
      • ID# 
      • Majors/minors
      • Tell her you need a 15 minute graduation plan meeting.  This will be a PHONE meeting and you will be expected to call me for your appointment.  Please make sure you call on time, but not too early as I have many appointments on my calendar right now that are back-to-back.
      • Give her EVERY date/time you are free within the next 2 weeks, but before your registration appointment.  I am available 9-11:30 and 1-4:00 most days.  Remember, many students are trying to set up meetings, so giving her ALL of the dates and times you are free makes this much more efficient.  Example:  I am free Tues, March 31 9-1:00, Wed, April 1 1-4… and so on for the two weeks.

Spring 2021 Student Teachers (next spring!)
If you are student teaching next spring, there are things you are now expected to take care of.  I thought this list would help you know what to expect:
  • Students who will be in the Elementary Methods Block (EMB) will receive an email by the end of April with dates/times for a mandatory EMB meeting that will take place yet this semester.  Make sure to follow those directions carefully and do not miss your meeting.  
  • Don’t forget to complete the pre-registration survey I have been sending you for the EMB.
  • IF YOU HAVE COMPLETED 90 credits by now, you should apply to graduate in accesspoint – you can/should apply now if you are graduating next May 2021…how exciting!
  • Watch for emails from the Field Experiences Office email account.  They usually send out an email in late April/early May asking you to sign up for your September mandatory meeting now, before finals.  These meetings typcially take place the first Friday of school in September. Signing up for a mandatory meeting before finals this semester is required.
  • Those students who sign up for their mandatory meeting when they are asked to will receive follow up emails around mid-August from the Field Experiences Office with paperwork they should start working on prior to their September meeting.

Get Help If Needed
Don’t forget you have many people here at UWSP who can help.  Don’t be afraid to reach out.

Have a great week!

Maggie Beeber
Undergraduate Advising Coordinator 
& Teacher Certification Officer
School of Education
469 College of Professional Studies
UW-Stevens Point


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