Music Education Program

Students may apply for admission to the Music Education Program upon completion of the following: 1) 40 credits with a minimum overall cumulative grade point average of 2.5, 2) Music Education 201 (Introduction to Music Education) with a minimum grade of B, and 3) Level III piano requirements. In addition, each applicant must show achievement of an acceptable jury level, as defined by the applied music faculty. Applications are accepted at the beginning of each semester. The process includes submission of a 250 word essay on an assigned topic related to music education philosophy (due the first day of the semester), and an interview with the music education admissions committee.

Students who do not meet minimum standards defined above, including grades, musical performance, and both oral and written communication skills, will be denied admission. In addition, the implementation of system mandated enrollment caps may preclude admission for some students who do meet minimum standards. In this case, a faculty committee will rank applicants for admittance based on the criteria above, including cumulative GPA, performance standards, and the interview and essay.

Students who are denied admission may re-apply once, or appeal to the Department of Music Chair for provisional status.

To continue in the program, a student must earn a minimum grade of B in all music education methods, class applied, and conducting courses. Large ensemble participation on the major instrument is also required. (See The Silent Advisor for Music Department policy.) Before student teaching, the student must pass applied jury requirements for the major area, as well as the required piano jury level.

Transfer students and those holding an undergraduate degree from UWSP or another accredited institution must apply for admission to the Music Education Program prior to registration for upper level methods courses. Admission to the program will be based on the criteria above, and will include a performance audition to determine jury level. Continuation in the program is also based on the criteria above; however, in some circumstances, a student already holding an undergraduate degree may request a waiver of the ensemble requirement.

Teacher certification in Music Education

Following acceptance into the Music Education Program, a student seeking teacher certification must also apply for admission to the Professional Education Program. Deadlines are September 22 and February 22.

Applicants must meet the minimum requirements for admission to the Professional Education Program as set by the School of Education.