English Education Program

  1. Students must complete a minimum of 12 credits beyond Freshman English toward the English major.
  2. Students must have a minimum GPA of 3.00 in the English major.
  3. Students must submit a portfolio of writing that will include:
    • The name of one instructor (preferably in the UWSP English Department) who is familiar with your work and willing to comment upon it.
    • A carefully written essay in which you explain, as fully as you can, your reason for wanting to become an English teacher.
    • A strong piece of your writing in which you have included several properly-documented sources.
    • A literary analysis.
    • One other piece of your writing, something you think represents your strengths as a writer very well. This could be another research piece or literary analysis, or it could be something different, such as a piece of creative or professional writing.

    NOTE: If the English Education Committee requires further information about your application, then an interview with members of the committee may become part of the application process.

  4. The deadlines for submission of the portfolio are September 22 and February 22. Materials should be turned in to the English office.

    Students must arrange their schedules so that they will have a fall semester in which they concurrently enroll in the following English methods courses:

  5. English 355 (3 credits)
    English 356 (3 credits)
    English 393 (1 credit)
    English 497 (2 credits)
    English Ed 396 (3 credits)

    Students are encouraged to have completed all the requirements for the English major prior to taking the English methods courses.

    Applicants must meet the minimum requirements for admission to the Professional Education Program as set by the School of Education.