Conceptual Framework

The basic mission of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Professional Education Programs (UWSP-PEP) is to provide quality pre-service training to undergraduates in early childhood, elementary and secondary education and to provide quality graduate, credit and non-credit, learning opportunities to educators in Central Wisconsin. It is the vision of the Professional Education Programs that students of our programs will encounter rich multicultural experiences, varied and meaningful opportunities for experimentation within classrooms, a sound understanding of educational pedagogy and knowledge of the most current views regarding educational practices. Part of our vision for our students is that they become reflective practitioners, capable of anticipating future needs and changes within the professional arena, and capable of assuming roles of leadership.

The PEP faculty and staff are dedicated to the creation of new partnerships between the University and the schools in this service area to enable teachers, students and schools to meet or exceed world-class standards. To further these goals, the PEP will strive to use the most advanced concepts of distance learning, computer technology and other innovations in technology to extend our campus into every district in Central Wisconsin.

These new partnerships, professional development alliances, will be embedded throughout the undergraduate program and will be a model of excellence for teacher certification programs. Implicit in this view of alliances is the vision of the educator (both public school and higher education faculty) as the professional who engages in life-long learning, professional development and personal growth.

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