How to Apply to Cohort

The Central Wisconsin Alliance for Early Childhood Education (CWAECE) program is a cohort-based program designed to assist professionals with an associate degree in early childhood education who want to earn a bachelor's degree and teacher certification in early childhood education. As a group, students admitted to the CWAECE program will: 
  • complete teaching methods coursework through UW-Stevens Point, via hybrid courses (face-to-face/online).

  • complete specific UW-Stevens Point General Education Program requirements to be taken outside of the cohort group, at a time and school that works best for the individual student. Students interested in the next cohort could begin work on these courses at any time.

  • be required to demonstrate content knowledge, pass the Foundations of Reading Test and successfully complete a semester of student teaching (following the school district’s calendar) along with the Education Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA).

Note: Teacher certification is not required in the CWAEC program. Students choosing to forego teacher certification must complete alternative coursework instead of student teaching.

Who will benefit from the program

The Central Wisconsin Alliance for Early Childhood Education program provides opportunities for working professionals to pursue a bachelor's degree and teacher certification in Early Childhood, ages 0-8.
The program will:
  • Allow individuals with an associate degree in early childhood education from a Wisconsin Technical College System school (WTCS) to pursue a bachelor's degree and Wisconsin teacher certification
  • Allow required credits from the associate degree to dovetail with the existing UWSP Early Childhood Program
  • Provide flexibility in scheduling additional UWSP General Education Program requirements
  • Offer support from both UW-Stevens Point and WTCS faculty and staff

Program Details

The program consists of three areas of coursework:
  • Required courses from the WTCS Early Childhood Associate Degree (32* transferable credits to UW-Stevens Point). Additional General Education Program requirement courses may also transfer.
  • UW-Stevens Point Core Education Courses (45 credits with an additional 13 credits of student teaching). Participating students will work in a cohort setting. Courses will be offered in a hybrid format (online/face-to-face on occasional Saturdays) to accommodate practicing professionals.
  • UW-Stevens Point General Education Program requirements to be taken through a variety of campuses (28-37 credits).
Note: Additional elective credits may be required to reach 120 credits required for the bachelor's degree.

*Students who have completed WTCS early childhood education courses prior to Fall 2006 may require additional UW-Stevens Point courses.

Program Completion 

Licensure in early childhood education is available to individuals who have met the following criteria:

  • Complete all required courses as outlined in the Individual Program Plan.

  • Meet minimum cumulative and major GPAs of 2.75, including transfer coursework.

  • Demonstrate the knowledge, dispositions, and performances that substantiate competence in the standards at required exit level proficiency through multiple measures over time, culminating in assessment during student teaching, internships or practicums including a Professional Education Portfolio and Education Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA).

  • Demonstrate content knowledge by earning a 3.00 or higher GPA in the early childhood education major or receive a passing score (157 or higher) on state-approved standardized tests: Praxis Subject Assessment – "Elementary Education: Content Knowledge" test #5018 as well as a passing score (240 or higher) on the Foundations of Reading Test.

  • Successful completion of student teaching, Professional Education Portfolio and the Education Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA).

  • Requirements are subject to change based on state mandates and legislation. 

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