Directions on Applying to the Professional Education Program for CWAEC  

IMG_8117.JPGDeadline: June 30, 2014

Students admitted to the Early Childhood Education: Central Wisconsin Alliance Program must formally apply to the Professional Education Program. All application requirements must be met prior to applying.

Note:  The directions and timelines below are specific to students admitted to the Central Wisconsin Alliance for Early Childhood Education Program.

Application Requirements:

  • 24 Credits completed
    Pass/fail credits, and courses below the 100 level are not included in the 24 credit requirement. Advanced Placement (AP), CLEP, retroactive credits and credits by exam are included in the 24 credit requirement (if approved at UWSP). Students under 40 credits are granted “conditional admission” and are required to submit report cards until 40 credits are attained.

  • 2.75 Cumulative GPA from all accredited institutions attended

  • Current enrollment at UWSP

  • Freshman English Requirement
    • Receive a B- or better in English 101 or 150 OR
    • Receive a 2.50 in English 101/102 or 101/202 OR
    • Receive a B- or better in English 250 OR
    • Test out of English 101 through department test-out exam or receive credit by examination. This does not include AP credit for English 101 if English 150 is required. OR
    • Receive a passing score on the reading and writing portion of the Pre-Professional Skills Test (PPST) and receive grades of at least a B in two Writing Emphasis courses OR
    • Complete the required work in the Professional Writing Competency Program. See personnel in Room 469 CPS to sign up.

  • Communication Skills Including Emerging Technology
    • Receive a passing grade in Education 205 lecture portion (this course is part of the cohort courses Spring 2014) OR
    • Receive a passing grade in Communication 101

  • Praxis I Test
    DESCRIPTION: See the ETS website

    Current Cost: $130-170 for all three portions, including registration fee.

    Registration information is available at the ETS website listed above. There is a cost involved. The written version of this test is only offered on certain dates and has application deadlines for each test date available at their website. The computer version of this test is available by appointment only, either by phone or on-line at the ETS website. The website also has a list of computer-based testing sites available and the phone numbers for each. The Stevens Point computer site is at UWSP Testing Service, 715-346-4472. It is suggested to register at least four (4) weeks prior to taking the computer version of the test.

    Students with documented disabilities or English as a Second Language may request special accommodations. Special paperwork must be filed with the ETS company at least 2-3 months prior to taking this test.

    ETS offers a limited number of Fee Waivers for the Praxis I test. Eligibility is largely determined by family income. Fee Waiver eligibility requirements and application forms can be found at the Praxis Series website. Search for “FEE WAIVERS” in the search tool. Results are mailed 2 to 6 weeks after the test date.

    You are only allowed to take the PPST once per calendar month if taken on the computer.

    PPST Passing scores required:
    Reading 175
    Writing 174
    Math 173

    Students who do not meet this requirement should request a Waiver Application from Maggie Beeber.

  • Pre-Professional Interview (Spring 2014)

    Current Cost: $30

    DESCRIPTION: The Pre-Professional Interview is a personal, tape-recorded, structured interview designed to measure personal style, attitudinal traits, and “teacherness” talents of prospective education students.

    The interview is ONLY required of students seeking admittance into Early Childhood, Elementary Education, Exceptional Education and Physical Education majors. A score of 15 or higher is required (Max score of 27). You may retake the Interview once if you have a score below 15.

    Appointments are available during the academic year and in June. Students should complete the interview within the 4 months prior to applying to the Professional Education Program. Call 715-346-2040 for an interview time.

    Students who do not meet this requirement should request a Waiver Application from Maggie Beeber.

  • Conduct Disclosure
    Please be aware that you will be asked to self-disclose previous conduct-related matters during the School of Education application process. The existence of on-campus behavioral issues and/or a criminal record do not constitute an automatic bar to admission and will be considered only as it/they substantially relate(s) to the duties and responsibilities of the program and eventual licensure.

    It is strongly recommended that students seeking admission to the Professional Education Program practice positive role-modeling behavior early in, and consistently throughout, their student career. It is important to note that students are responsible for their own behavior, as well as the behavior of their guests on campus.

    Students with multiple, recent, and/or serious conduct histories may be required to meet with a committee in the Professional Education Program to discuss their behavior in order to determine admission status.