Anyone who is aware of an act of interpersonal violence must report it to the Dean of Students Office. Such reporting is for statistical purposes only; no other action is required unless so directed by the victim. Anonymous reporting is available but doesn’t allow for further follow up and support.

Any University employee who witnesses a sexual assault on campus or receives a report that a student has been sexually assaulted is required by 1989 Wisconsin Act 177 to report the assault to the Dean of Students.

The electronic report forms are available on the Dean of Students website at All completed reports go directly to the Dean of Students Office, room 212, Old Main, 715-346-2611 when submitted.



Should a victim choose to bring charges against another student through the student conduct process, the following steps will be followed:

  • An electronic report will be filed with the Dean of Students Office.
  • An adjudication officer will be assigned and interviews will be conducted to determine whether violations of UWSP Chapter 17 have occurred.
  • Rights of the victim, the conduct process and victim services will be reviewed.
  • If evidence suggests a violation of our community standards, the adjudicating officer will notify the accused student in writing, stating the charges and setting a date for a hearing.
  • The procedures outlined in UWSP Chapter 17 will be followed pertaining rights of the accused.
  • The alleged victim is not present at the hearing, however, content and details of the initial report may need to be discussed during the hearing.
  • After the adjudicating officer has obtained all available information on the case and a hearing has taken place, a written decision will be rendered.
  •  If the accused is found to be in violation of one or more sections of Chapter 17, sanctions will be imposed. Sanctions may include probation, suspension, expulsion, removal or restrictions within the student’s residential community, alcohol assessment, psychological assessment and/or other requirements determined by the adjudicating officer depending on the severity of the case. 
  • The victim will also be notified about the outcome of the case when it is completed.
  • The accused and the victim shall have 10 days to submit an appeal to the office of Dean of Students Office if they so choose.
  • The Dean of Students Office shall exercise authority when deemed necessary to restrict contact between individuals, determine housing changes if appropriate during or after the hearing, and make other decisions intended to bring order to the academic environment.


UWSP Dean of Students Office will take appropriate steps to protect students from retaliation when they report, file a complaint of, or cooperate in an investigation of a violation of the UWSP Community Rights and Responsibilities. Threats or acts of retaliation, whether person-to-person, by electronic means, or through third parties, are serious offenses that will subject the violator to significant disciplinary and other corrective action, including long-term suspension or expulsion.


Threatening to or retaliating against any person for reporting or filing a complaint; for aiding or encouraging the filing of a report or complaint, or for cooperating in an investigation of harassment or discrimination. Retaliation includes threats or acts of retaliation, whether person-to-person, by electronic means, or through third parties. It also includes overt or covert acts of reprisal, interference, restraint, penalty, discrimination or harassment against an individual or group for exercising rights under the UWSP Community Rights and Responsibilities.


Any student who knowingly makes false charges or brings a malicious complaint may be subject to any of the disciplinary and/or corrective action(s) detailed above.  


Making the decision to file a police report can be an extremely difficult decision for interpersonal violence survivors, especially if you know your attacker. Sometimes survivors also fear making a police report because they may have been drinking or engaged in some other illegal activity. You should know that law enforcement will not issue tickets for underage drinking if there is a greater crime involved, such as sexual assault. Reporting to the police can be a way for you to take back control in your life, it can help to protect the larger community, and it can also be a way to ensure that your assailant can get help and treatment.

  • You can choose to report to the local police whether or not the incident took place on campus, and whether or not the assailant was a student at UWSP.
  • If you decide to go to the hospital and get an evidentiary exam, the Stevens Point police will be called to speak with you. Everything you say in an interview with the police is confidential, and the police will not move forward in pressing charges without your consent.
  • You may have an advocate present in an interview with the police. Call the Sexual Assault Victim Services at 715-343-7125 if needed.
If you are in immediate danger always call 911
Submitting a UW-Stevens Point Incident Report
The button below will take you to the UW-Stevens Point Incident Report Form.
Note: Submission of this form initiates an investigation of the issue as required under Title IX. You are not required to complete the entire form.
Confidential Reporting
By reporting to any of the following offices, the information you give will be completely confidential.
Protective Services, 715-346-3456, George Stein Hall
University Counseling Center, 715-346-3553, 3rd floor, Delzel Hall
Student Health Services, 715-346-4646, 2nd floor, Delzel Hall
Sexual Assault Victim Services (SAVS), 715-343-7179
Stevens Point Police Department, 715-346-1500