Scope of Responsibility

The Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) is responsible for performing the following functions:
  • Develop and maintain a communication process for individuals to report concerns about student behaviors
  • Obtain, review, and consider information regarding student behavior
  • Initiate a threat assessment and risk determination, when warranted
  • Develop a course of action, and/or intervention plans for students of concern, when warranted
  • Recommend an appropriate response or source of action to campus administrators
  • Monitor and assess campus trends or events which may negatively impact campus and/or create an elevated risk of potential harm or violence

 Reporting Behaviors of Concern

The entire campus community plays a significant role in promoting a safe and secure educational environment at the UWSP. Individuals are strongly encouraged to report to and/or notify the Behavioral Intervention Team of concerns regarding the behavior or conduct of members of the campus community. Concerning behaviors may include, but are not limited to, questionable, suspicious, threatening or inappropriate conduct that is displayed through a person’s appearance, expression, communication, actions or other manner. 

The reporting process is intended to be utilized for behavior, concerns or incidents which do not warrant an immediate response or intervention. It provides a standardized method for recording observations of troublesome behaviors and for alerting staff of potential concerns. The reporting process also provides a mechanism that will reveal patterns of disruptive behavior of specific students. It also provides aggregate data on the nature and frequency of disruptions. In the event that a behavior or concern causes an immediate threat to the safety and well-being of any individual, Protective Services (715) 346-3456 or the Stevens Point Police Department should be contacted immediately.

In accordance with UWSP Chapter 17, information provided to the BIT or in the reporting process may also be considered in determining appropriate disciplinary action with students under UWS Chapter 17.

 BIT Members

Mr. Brain Faust, Director - Residential Living

Dr. Stacey Gerken, Director – Counseling Center

Mr. Troy Seppelt, Dean of Students 

Mr. Bill Rowe, Director – Protective Services

Dr. Jim Zach, Medical Director – Student Health Service

Mr. Shawn Wilson, Assistant Dean of Students

Ms. Lea Raczek Program Manager - Dean of Students (Administrative Support)

​​ ​
MISSION: The University of Wisconsin Stevens Point’s Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) mission is to provide a safe environment for the university community through coordination, collaboration, information collection, risk assessment, and intervention.
PURPOSE: A Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) is a multi-disciplinary group who meets regularly and by using an established protocol, detect patterns and trends of concerning behavior for individuals or groups within the campus community. The team receives reports of disruptive, problematic or concerning behavior or misconduct (from students, faculty/staff, co-workers, community members, friends, colleagues, etc.), conducts an investigation, performs an assessment, and determines the best mechanism for support, intervention, warning/notification and response. The team then deploys campus and/or community resources and coordinates follow-up.