UW-Stevens Point believes it is important to treat students as the adults they have become.  As members of the learning community, UW-Stevens Point sends grades and other official university communications directly to each student.  What they choose to share and discuss with parents or guardians is a personal and/or family decision.
UW- Stevens Point also honors each student’s right to privacy on behavioral matters.  There are several notable exceptions to this policy, however.  The university may choose to contact a parent or guardian:
v  When a student’s repeated abuse of chemicals is jeopardizing their own health or that of others.
v  When repeated efforts to gain compliance with university alcohol, drug and other behavioral policies have failed and the student’s status with the university is in question.
v  When a student’s physical or emotional health has become threatened or has become potentially dangerous to others, and/or when the university feels the student may be incapable of making safe healthy decisions for him/herself.

Contacts with parents or guardians in these instances will be made by the Dean of Students or his/her designee.