If you are unable to complete your work in a course due to extenuating circumstances or if you need to extend your research or performance beyond the normal limits of a term, you may ask the instructor for an “incomplete” in the course. An “incomplete” should be reserved for the completion of a definable amount of work (for example, one term paper or one exam) that occurs near the end of the semester. An “incomplete” normally will not be used for making up in-class work; therefore do not expect to sit in the class in a subsequent semester. If your request for an “incomplete” is approved, the instructor will inform you and the department chair of the work you need to complete and the due date. 

You will have until the end of the next semester (excluding summer session) to complete the work unless your instructor gives you an earlier deadline. Failure to complete the work prior to the appropriate deadline will result in a grade of F. If, for reasons beyond your control, you are unable to make up the “incomplete” by the deadline, you may ask the instructor and department chair to extend this time limit one time. However, any further extension of time will require the approval of the dean of the college.

DO NOT register for a course in which you received an “incomplete.” If you do, the incomplete will be changed to an F. Instead, arrange with your instructor to complete the work remaining in the course. When you have completed the work satisfactorily, your instructor will report the removal of the “incomplete” to the Office of the Registrar who will notify you that your record has been updated. If you do not receive notification after a reasonable waiting period, you should contact your instructor. Your final grade will not change any prior academic status.

For more information please see the Office of the Registrar website: