Academic Concerns Campus Resources
Disappointing mid-term grades Professor
Tutor Learning Center
Fear of taking tests Counseling Services
Overwhelmed with academic work Tutor Learning Center
Counseling Center
Student Health Service
Term Paper Due Tutor Learning Center
Should I withdraw from a class? Professor
Registration for second semester Adviser
I have no major or don't like my major Career Services      
Student Academic Advising Center
I have a disability and would like to register it with the University Disability and Assistive Technologies
​I have a medical issue and need to miss class ​Professor
Dean of Students


Personal Concerns Campus Resources
Homesick/feel I don't fit in Counseling Services
CA/Residence Hall Director
Student Involvement and Employment Campus Activities and Recreation
Student Organizations
Roommate problems CA/Residence Hall Director
Counseling Center
Exhausted Student Health Services
Counseling Center
Allen Center for Health and Wellness Programs
Moral Dilemmas (sex, drugs, alcohol, etc.) Student Health Services
Counseling Center
CA/Residence Hall Director
Student Health Promotion Office
Concerns about weight loss/gain Intramurals
University Recreation Services
Student Health Service
Student Health Promotions Office
Cardio Center
Running out of money/need a job Financial Aid
Student Involvement and Employment Office
Financial Coaches (School of Business)
I am a veteran and/or in the military and am trying to coordinate benefit services; I am looking to get connected with other veterans/military service members Veteran's Support Coordinator
Vets Club
I think I was sexually assaulted; My friend or family member was sexually assaulted and I want to support him/her Counseling Center
Sexual Assault Victims Services (SAVS) Student Health Services
Dean of Students Office
I have concerns about alcohol/drug use and/or would like to learn more about substances Counseling Center
Center for Prevention of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse
I would like to get more involved and meet new people Student Involvement and Employment Office
Residence Hall Association and Hall Governments
I identify as LGBTQ and want to know about campus resources; I have a friend who identifies as LGBTQ and need to know where to go for resources Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) Counseling Center