Behavioral Conduct

The University of Wisconsin Stevens Point has the jurisdiction to adjudicate non-academic behavioral misconduct that occurs outside university lands. Off Campus Violations constitutes or would constitute a serious criminal offense, regardless of any criminal proceedings. The conduct the student demonstrates is a pattern of behavior that seriously impairs the university’s ability to fulfill its teaching, research, or public service missions.

Student Legal Services provides UWSP students with information regarding their access to legal services. Examples of legal services on campus include consultation and advice for a multitude of legal issues. 

Following a behavioral conduct incident, UWSP students have the ability to participate in the Student Conduct system. This is conducted as an integral part of the educational mission of the university. The student conduct system emphasizes the development of each student’s acceptance of his/her own personal and social responsibilities. The process is designed to provide and help maintain an atmosphere that is conducive to academic achievement.


For those UWSP students living on campus, an electronic copy of the Residential Living Handbook is provided. The handbook includes resources, dining services, policies, emergency procedures, and other information about Residential Living.

An electronic copy of Chapter 18 describes Conduct on University Lands. The copy includes policies on UWSP parking rules, personal conduct, alcohol and drugs, and other institutional regulations. An electronic copy of Chapter 17 describes Non-Academic Standards and Disciplinary Procedures. CH 17 - UWSP-Updated2016.pdf