​Academic Concerns

Academic Misconduct
Information about academic misconduct including rules and procedures for faculty and staff to follow to successfully report academic dishonesty.

Academic Misconduct (UWSP 14)
An electronic copy of Chapter 14, which includes academic standards and disciplinary procedures.

Accommodations of Religious Beliefs (UWS22)
An electronic copy of Chapter 22, which includes the university’s policy on Accommodations of Religious Beliefs.

Disability Services and Assistive Technology​
To support students with disabilities and explore academic accommodations and/or auxiliary aids necessary to ensure access to all university services, programs and activities.

Guidelines for regarding how a student can receive an incomplete.

Missing Student Notification
Explanation of correct procedure when a student goes missing.

Reporting a Concern
Link to the Dean of Students incident report types.

Student Disruptions in Classroom
Explains appropriate responses to a student who is disruptive in a classroom.

Students Who Stop Attending
Information and intervention steps when a student’s behavior changes or becomes self-destructive in an academic setting.